Marvel Snap made its debut in Twitch Rivals, and the Kripp and Deckkster duo took first place in this packed event.

Marvel Snap fans enjoyed yesterday the first Twitch Rivals tournament for that game. Twelve content creators clashed for a part of the $10,000 in prizes and the glory of being the first Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals champion.

Let's go over what happened in this tournament and what the winning team played.

Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals format

The $10,000 Twitch Rivals event gathered some of the most prominent Marvel Snap players and content creators. The tournament had an initial Round Robin stage in which teams would play each other. The matches consisted of two 1v1 Battle Mode games, with team captains facing each other in one, and their teammates dueling in the second one.

To make things more interesting, each round had special deck-building restrictions. Twitch Rivals gave teams only 10 minutes to create their Marvel Snap decks after telling them the restrictions. Being creative and adaptable could be worth a victory even before playing.

These were the conditions under which players had to build their decks for each round:

Deck Building Requirements - Image via Twitch Rivals
Deck Building Requirements - Image via Twitch Rivals

After the 5 Round Robin matches, the top two teams advanced to the final stage. The finals had no deck-building conditions, so every card was on the table.

These were the 6 teams competing and their players:

Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals players - Image via Twitch
Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals players - Image via Twitch

Event Results

JeffHoogland and Jimdavismtg dominated the Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals round-robin stage. They won every match and advanced to the finals with a perfect 5-0 score. Kripp and Dekkster were the other teams that made it out of the group stage, only losing to Jeff and Jim in the first round.

Round Robin standings - Image via Twitch
Round Robin standings - Image via Twitch

For this final round, teams could bring whatever deck they wanted. Kripp went for a High Evolutionary archetype against Jeff's control deck in game one. The Marvel Snap Twitch finals couldn't start any other way than with a double Snap on turn one.

With Jeff efficiently controlling the Nexxus location, it seemed that the story would repeat itself, and the final would have the same result as the first match of the event. However, Kripp saw an opportunity to win, using Baxter Building to add some extra power to his side.

With this "not bad" expression, Kripp's team established an 8-cube advantage in the Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals finals. It was only a matter of time until that game was over.

On the other table, Dekkster was playing Patriot against Jim's Galctus build. Debrii ended up being a key disruption card for Dekkster to win the game and the tournament.

These are the decks that Kripp and Dekkster played in the finals. If you like to test them yourself, you can get the deck codes from the links below.

Twitch Rivals winning decks - <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Image via</a>
Twitch Rivals winning decks - Image via

If you want to review the first stage of the event you can visit Twitch Rivals page and you can also check out the Marvel Snap Twitch Rivals VoD here. If you want to center on any specific player's point of view, all of them streamed the event, so check out their channels.

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