If you want to learn how to dominate the Marvel Snap multiverse and hoard Cosmic Cubes, you’d better check out this guide!

In this Marvel Snap guide, we will go over one of the most differentiating features the game has, not every game is worth the same. If you want to climb the ranks, it's paramount that you understand that winning games it's just not enough. That's why today we will go over 5 crucial Marvel Snap tips for you to learn how to Snap and get more Cosmic Cubes!

Marvel Snap Guide tip #1: Understand Cosmic Cubes

As impressive as it might sound, winning games doesn't matter in Marvel Snap, or at least, it doesn't as much as in other TCGs. The key concept you need to understand is that what will determine your success when climbing the Marvel Snap ladder is how many Cosmic Cubes you win, and that's why we will center our guide around that!

In Marvel Snap, the "Cosmic Cube Value" of the game starts at 1. However, the stakes can go as high as 8 Cosmic Cubes per game. The idea behind this Marvel Snap guide is that you master how to maximize your Cosmic Cube wins, so let's go over some basics:

  • Cosmic Cubes double if you play the last turn of each game.
  • Players can double the stakes by Snapping (tapping the Cosmic Cube icon) once per game.
  • Players can reject the "Snap" by retreating and only losing the current amount of Cubes in play.

This might sound confusing, I know. That's why we have Ben Brode, Game Director for Marvel Snap, to explain the Cosmic Cube mechanic in a video guide that is worth checking out if you are starting with the game.

Tip #2: When to Snap

So, by this point in the guide, we know that what matters in Marvel Snap is how many Cosmic Cubes you win, not just games. If you have ever played Poker, the following concepts might sound familiar. To maximize your cube gains in Marvel Snap you need to evaluate your chance of winning each turn. The variables you face are the following:

  • The locations the game presents
  • Your deck powerlevel compared to your opponent's
  • Your current hand

Given that in Marvel Snap, players draw 75% of their decks each game (in most cases), in this guide, we will not count on our opponent not drawing their good cards.

After evaluating the variables you need to think if you are favored to win the game. If you are, it's convenient to Snap to maximize your Cosmic Cube gains. On the contrary, if you estimate you most likely lose, you should play defensively to cut your losses.

Turn 2 should be the first time when you evaluate whether to Snap. If the variables mentioned in this Marvel Snap guide show you are favored, go for it before your opponent realizes it!

Marvel Snap guide: when to Snap? <br>Good hand, plus negative locations that do not affect my plays<br>Image via Esports.gg
Marvel Snap guide: when to Snap?
Good hand, plus negative locations that do not affect my plays
Image via Esports.gg
Marvel Snap guide: when to Snap? <br>Questionable Snap with a minor advantage and questionable follow up<br>Image via Esports.gg
Marvel Snap guide: when to Snap?
Questionable Snap with a minor advantage and questionable follow up
Image via Esports.gg

If you can't figure out your chances by Turn 2, it's ok too. Just make sure you ask yourself: "should I Snap?" before making any strong plays. That is one of the best tips that should be able to guide you on Marvel Snap!

After some games, you will fine-tune this skill and adjust if you were being too risky or too conservative.

Tip #3: When not to Snap

Besides the straightforward notion that you shouldn't Snap when you are going to lose, in what other scenarios you shouldn't? If you happen to be in an unlosable position, contrary to what you might think you should not Snap.

The reason behind this lies in how the Cosmic Cube mechanic works. As we already covered in this Marvel Snap guide, Cubes double after playing the last turn. So if you are so ahead that any change would make your opponent retreat, that would undercut your Cube earnings.

No one would accept a bet they are guaranteed to lose, so don't present your opponent with one. Keep playing and hope they are curious enough to play that last turn and double your earnings!

When not to Snap? When it's late in the game and you have a reasonable advantage already<br>Image via Esports.gg
When not to Snap? When it's late in the game and you have a reasonable advantage already
Image via Esports.gg

Talking about final turns, most of the time you shouldn't be Snapping then either. Snapping on the final turn will stack with the end-of-game doubling effect, so if you are ahead, the only thing you are accomplishing is incentivizing your opponent to retreat. You could bluff, but I would advise against it, given its risk-reward.

Marvel Snap Guide tip #4: RETREAT!

If something you learn from this guide, let it be when to retreat. Once again, this goes against most you've learned from TCG and the concept of playing to your odds.

If you are in a losing position with only a grim chance of making a comeback, in most games, you should stay to see if you can steal a win. In Marvel Snap, you shouldn't! There is no sense in doubling the Cubes you lose just to see that your opponent could beat you. You should have already known that!

An unwinnable position equals retreat before the final turn<br>Image via Esports.gg
An unwinnable position equals retreat before the final turn
Image via Esports.gg
Smart choice from the opponent<br>Image via Esports.gg
Smart choice from the opponent
Image via Esports.gg

It is counterintuitive, but again, imagine yourself playing Poker, you wouldn't pay a raise with a losing hand. That's why retreating has its own section in this Marvel Snap guide. Because increasing your Cube earnings is as significant as cutting your Cube losses! important

Marvel Snap Guide tip #5: other variables

While this guide revolves around how to Snap and retreat efficiently, that doesn't mean there aren't other variables that affect your Cube gains/losses. Some concepts apply in every other card game:

  • Deck quality matters
  • Experience is a great boost
  • Know the meta and understand what you are playing against

Furthermore, in Marvel Snap there are some events that we will cover in other guides but can be influential as well. The appearances of Hot Locations can dictate the course of many games. You should make sure that you adapt your deck to the featured Location, but don't go too deep into that, or you might lose if the Location doesn't show up.

That's all for now, I hope you found this Marvel Snap guide useful. Stay tuned to Esports.gg and see you next time in the multiverse!