Xbox Game Showcase ended with perhaps the best reveal of the event, announcing the existence of Gears of War E-Day.

Just before the Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Direct, Xbox Games Showcase stated they saved the best trailer for last. The familiar scowl and bandana of one Marcus Fenix appeared, grappling with a Locust soldier. And with that, they gave us our first look at Gears of War E-Day.

Marcus and Dom return as the beloved duo of the first Gears of War trilogy. Their origin story is told, not just in books and other media, but now in a game. The tale of Emergence Day, where the Locust emerge from the depths of Sera is here.

Gears of War E-Day in-engine footage shown at Xbox Games Showcase

The announcement trailer for Gears of War E-Day shows us a living room that is soon dismantled by the battle between Marcus and Locust warrior. Marcus takes quite the beating, even losing his bandana in the process.

All of this happens while the beloved melody of Mad World echoes in the background. Marcus finally beheads the Locust soldier before an emergence hole sinks the ground beneath him. He hangs out, and a hand reaches out to save him.

That hand belongs to none other than Dominic Santiago. He gives Marcus his bandana, and after he puts it back on, they look out into the city filled with war. The Locust have arrived on E-Day to begin the war we've seen throughout the Gears of War franchise.

What is E-Day?

(Image via Xbox Game Studios)
(Image via Xbox Game Studios)

So, as this is clearly a prequel title, it is important to know the lore behind it. E-Day in Gears of War E-Day stands for Emergence Day. This is the day the Locust began sinking cities, emerging from underground, and fighting humanity.

The day comes just weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars. This was a planet-wide civil war that left Sera at its weakest. Thus, the Locust Horde took advantage and initiated an assault on the surface, starting a war that lasted almost two decades.

We've seen the early days of the war in Gears of War: Judgment, as well as the extension of that war in all Gears of War titles. Now, we'll get our first video game version of the beginnings of the Locust War, in Gears of War E-Day.

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