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GameSquare announces FaZe Media

FaZe has officially started FaZe Media.

Popular esports and gaming company, GameSquare, has officially announced FaZe Media after just acquiring FaZe back in March of 2024. The new creator-led IP and media company is determined to change the world of content and gaming.

Led by FaZe Banks, the current FaZe CEO, FaZe Media has a promising outlook. Matt Kalish, Co-founder of DraftKings, has also given forth an $11 million investment towards the company.

FaZe and GameSquare announce FaZe Media

The new company will take current members of the team's roster and non-esports assets, combining them into a creator-led IP and internet media company.

The focus of FaZe Media is to return the creative control of the brand back to its founders, hopefully giving the team a revival like they had back in the old days. This news comes with a complete revamp of the team's roster, which was announced just the other week.

FaZe Media will help expand the team's sponsorship and licensing opportunities, giving them a much bigger chance at changing the world of content and gaming.

FaZe Banks had a few words to say about the new company: "Grateful for the opportunity at a genuine reset with FaZe Clan. Anyone that’s actually tapped in can agree, this was long overdue."

Long overdue is an understatement, as FaZe Clan has been seen in a negative light throughout the past few years.

We’ve prioritized pretty much exclusively creating a fun environment that we (as FaZe members) can find passion in, be excited about and look forward to. Do things we find interesting, exploring opportunities in content we feel are important/ relevant to our culture/ community. Partnering with Matt Kalish & GameSquare has proven paramount in this vision coming to fruition. Slowly, but surely. Exciting.”

Kalish (investor) gives his thoughts on FaZe Media

Kalish, who has invested a generous amount into the new company, also made sure to express his excitement about the future of FaZe Media.

“My investment in FaZe Media and decision to join its board is a vote of confidence in the leadership and generational creative talent of CEO FaZe Banks, as well as that of FaZe’s founders and creator roster," said Kalish in a recent interview.

Kalish did not stop there, though. The FaZe Clan board member had more to state.

"I believe this team, with the support of GameSquare’s capabilities and infrastructure, can relaunch the FaZe brand and restore it to the gaming and internet culture juggernaut the founders had originally created.”

CEO of GameSquare, Justin Kenna, shares his excitement for FaZe Media

Justin Kenna, the CEO of GameSquare, has pushed to see FaZe return to the glorified state it once was back in the day.

“Since completing the acquisition of FaZe Clan, we have focused on returning FaZe’s founders to reboot their brand and reestablish its authenticity," said Kenna. "We are thrilled to better capitalize this business for growth with $11 million in new capital from Matt and to strengthen the FaZe Media board with his addition."

Despite the negative surrounding FaZe during the past few years, Kenna sees a brighter future for the company. Kalish's investment has given him and the team hope.

"Matt deeply believes in the power of founder and creator-led organizations and shares the vision to return FaZe back to its roots by empowering its creators.”

Hopefully, FaZe Media will give FaZe a new beginning, and we see the team back on top.

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