FaZe Clan signs 4 new members amidst cutting half the team cover image

FaZe Clan signs 4 new members amidst cutting half the team

FaZe Clan has officially announced four new recruits.

Being a FaZe Clan fan has more than likely come with its fair share of rough moments on the road. The popular gaming team has had quite a few successful moments, but also quite a few moments that have made fans question their faith in them. Recently, FaZe announced four new signings, while also cutting half of their roster.

Many are shocked and a little confused by FaZe's decisions. Let's break down their recent signings.

FaZe signs 4 new creators

The popular gaming and lifestyle organization announced four new signings today, all of which don't necessarily have a huge hold on the gaming world.

FaZe new signings:

So why are some upset with these signings while others are incredibly hyped?

Many questioning if FaZe is really a 'Gaming' organization

While many are incredibly excited about the four new FaZe members, many are starting to question the authenticity of FaZe calling themselves a gaming org. In fact, the majority of creators cut from the roster recent were all gamers.

What's different about these four new signings? They are not gamers. They are IRL content creators. There is nothing wrong about being an IRL creator, but for an org to still sit on the throne of saying they are a gaming content creation team, many are starting to feel betrayed by the majority of FaZe's decisions.

In fact, many of the creators that were cut from the roster recently didn't find out until they saw a post on social media about it. Makes you wonder how much the team actually cares about its members, doesn't it?

But maybe FaZe is taking a step in the right direction.

Is FaZe making the right choices?

The biggest question is, is Faze making the right choices? While many are upset with the turn to more IRL content, others are starting to question whether or not gaming content is sustainable anymore.

The truth of the matter is, gaming content is not the only type of content on the internet. When Twitch was first released, it was centered around gaming. Yes, many streamers still do play quite a few video games on their stream, but there are a lot of creators pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a content creator.

So is the future of content straying away from gaming? Are we seeing more IRL streamers taking over? Or is FaZe throwing themselves down a pit of uncertainty that will almost for certain ruin their team?

Who knows. I definitely don't.

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