A rumored PlayStation handheld device is not going over well with the gaming community, causing a demand for the Vita 2.

Sony is reportedly working on a PlayStation handheld device that has the gaming community a bit confused.

Codenamed Q Lite, the handheld device is designed for Remote Play with the PlayStation 5. This means, unlike the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, the Q Lite would have to constantly be connected to the internet to work with the PlayStation 5 its paired with.

The rumors have been met with skepticism from the gaming community.

What is the Q Lite?

Insider Gaming's Tom Warren was the first to report that Sony was working on a handheld version of the PlayStation 5. But it's not exactly the PS Vita successor gamers were hoping for.

According to Warren, the device is not meant for cloud streaming, meaning that it's meant to be paired with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. The device must also be connected to the internet at all times, another things gamers are considering a setback.

On Twitter, many are questioning what the point of the rumored Q Lite even is. You can't take it outside your home and you can't play any games that you don't already have on your PlayStation 5. It's hard to come by any positive comments about the Q Lite on articles written about it and on social media.

Of course, the Q Lite is currently just a rumor. Sony has not confirmed the existence of the portable console nor has the company stated what it would actually be like if it did come to market.

If anything, the rumor of the Q Lite has gamers reminiscing about the PlayStation Vita and wishing for any similar device. The Vita was ahead of its time when it came out, making it one of the most iconic modern consoles and the source of an abundance of nostalgia.

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