ASUS has now launched its own rival to the Steam Deck with the ROG Ally.

Valve's Steam Deck turned out to be a resounding success in the handheld console market. With the Nintendo Switch being the only major rival, Steam Deck's success has attracted some competition.

However, it's not Sony or Microsoft with a PlayStation or Xbox alternative. Instead ASUS have launched the ROG Ally, a powerful handheld console running Windows 11 to compete with the Steam Deck. They appear confident their device can compete with the Steam Deck for a myriad of reasons.

ASUS ROG Ally boasts better specs than Steam Deck

Among the primary draws for the ASUS ROG Ally are its specs. They're noticeably better than the Steam Deck. This means games will run with better visual fidelity and performance. The ROG Ally is powered by a custom AMD Ryzen APU that is compatible with existing Mobile GPUs and PSUs used in ASUS gaming laptops. It also features a touchscreen with a full HD 1080p resolution and 120hz refresh rate. By comparison, the Steam Deck's display is only capable of 800p with a 60hz refresh rate.

The ROG Ally runs Windows 11

While the Steam Deck is restricted by Steam OS and can only run games from your Steam Library, the ASUS ROG Ally runs Windows 11. This allows it to run games from any compatible Windows library including Xbox Game Pass, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, Origin, and more. This could also open doors for improved emulation capabilities.

Full Specs and Price not revealed

Among the concerns around the ROG Ally is the fact that ASUS didn't announce the full list of specifications or prices. We know it's powered by a custom AMD chip but they haven't revealed which one. They also haven't revealed exactly which GPU powers the console. Twitter is rife with skepticism or anticipation, with many users claiming they'll buy the console if it's priced competitively but doubt it will be. There are also concerns about the console's battery life. Windows 11 with a Ryzen APU is likely to drain a handheld console's battery faster.

The Steam Deck is a tried-and-tested formula that is already quite successful. Valve's handheld console recently celebrated its launch anniversary and was offered at a discounted price. There was also some confusion around the ASUS ROG Ally being an April Fool joke. The company announced it on April 2, causing Twitter users to wonder whether it was real. Thanks to Tech YouTubers like Linus Sebastian and Dave Lee revealing the console on their channels, we know it definitely does exist.

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