Valve’s Steam Deck gets discount on one-year anniversary cover image

Valve’s Steam Deck gets discount on one-year anniversary


Valve is celebrating the first anniversary of the Steam Deck’s release. The feature-packed handheld console is available on a discount for a limited time.

The Steam Deck is the most exciting gaming console since the Nintendo Switch, and it turns a year old today! Valve released the console exactly a year ago, to much fanfare because everyone was excited to carry their Steam libraries with them to play games on the move. To celebrate the occasion, Valve is offering a temporary discount on the Steam Deck. It's a great opportunity to grab one of these if you're in the market for a handheld console.

Grab the Steam Deck while you can on a discount

The Steam Deck is currently available for a 10% discount. The discount lasts until March 23. It's a great deal and a good opportunity to pick up the console for a lower price. Once the Steam Spring Sale ends at 10 a.m. PT, the listing for the Steam Deck will revert back to the original price.
  • The base model, which comes with 64GBs of storage typically costs $399, is currently available for $359.10.
  • The mid-range variant with a 256GB NVMe SSD is down from $529 to $476.10.
  • The top-of-the-line variant, which boasts 512GB and an anti-glare screen, can be purchased for $584.10 as compared to its retail price of $649.

The Steam Deck celebrates its one-year anniversary

How time flies! It's already been a year since the Steam Deck was released. During its release, Valve published a video of Gabe Newell delivering the console to its first buyers on his own. A year into its release and the console has become one of the most popular handheld consoles in the market. It's got variants across different price ranges, attracting plenty of buyers. It's also an attractive proposition that allows PC gamers to play their games on the move without carrying hefty gaming laptops.

A fantastic emulator and practically a portable PC

Among the Steam Deck's features is its ability to double down as a portable PC and even a Nintendo device! That's right — among the Steam Deck's many capabilities is the ability to turn into a Switch emulator. Not only can you run Steam games on it, but also Nintendo titles.
There are also plenty of other emulators that the Steam Deck is capable of running, including PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 emulators. If you plan on buying the Steam Deck during this discount phase, be sure to check these emulators out and get the most out of your device!
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