Gamer Advantage is working to improve the lives of many with their blue light glasses cover image

Gamer Advantage is working to improve the lives of many with their blue light glasses

Just like some people don’t quit smoking until they have lung cancer”, said Reedy. “Most people don’t take sleep seriously until they can attach it to some major issue that they have.”

Bryan Reedy started out his career working in the optical industry, determined to provide people with the best possible glasses that suited their every need. A few years ago, a few people started asking him to make blue light glasses for them — but Reedy was skeptical.

With less knowledge of the subject at the time, Reedy's initial outlook on blue light glasses was that they were cheap and just something for companies to do the bare minimum and then push out to consumers.

He sought to make a change in the industry.

Bryan Reedy at Gamer Advantage
Bryan Reedy at Gamer Advantage

Gamer Advantage is more than just a pair of glasses

"Companies were just providing consumers with enough marketable benefits that they didn't actually have to back up," said Reedy when talking about his findings with the blue light glasses market.

The type of mediocre push that most of these companies were advertising for their glasses upset him, especially when dwelling on how important filtering blue light is.

Whosimmortal quote
Whosimmortal quote

"Up until we had electricity, you woke up when the sun came up and started going to bed when the sun went down," said Reedy. "When the sun is down, the circadian rhythm process starts and your body starts producing melatonin."

According to Reedy's research, when you're on a device after the sun goes down, your brain confused more confused as time goes on due to the light. This correlation is a direct reason why those who spend copious amounts of their nighttime looking at a screen end up having trouble sleeping.

Gamer Advantage seeks to make sure others understand the correct science behind blue light

"Many of these companies are saying that they block 35% of blue light at the 420th nanometer," said Reedy. "Well, in multiple studies that we've seen with the opinions of many doctors and researchers, we have realized that it is more of the 455th nanometer that is suppressing melatonin."

"We believe that many brands are promoting misleading blocking percentages."

Bryan Reed, Gamer Advantage
Bre Eazyy
Bre Eazyy

Many of these companies seem to have gone the bare minimum just to get a marketable piece of eyewear out there.

"Our glasses block 40% of blue light at the 455th nanometer," said Reedy. "Suppressed melatonin makes it very difficult to begin the sleep cycle."

Reedy stated that his brand's clinical trials show a 96% increase in melatonin production after the glasses are used for five days. This helps gamers fall asleep earlier and reach REM sleep faster.

Artificial light is still new... Blue Light glasses NEED to be a thing of the future

With human knowledge only understanding a fraction of what this light does to us, it is safe to say that we are yet to be fully equipped with the right tools to help us. We still do not know the long-term effects all of this artificial light will have on us.

After surveying multiple people within the gaming community, Reedy established that 90% of them explained they had a lot of issues sleeping.

"I read an article in the National Library of Medicine that was titled 'Sleep is the best medicine,'" said Reedy. "All of a sudden we are sort of just giving a middle finger to evolution and biology and ignoring what our body is telling us."

It should be noted that poor sleep is connected to quite a bit of long-term issues such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, anxiety, depression, and more. A lot of this goes back to sleep.

Gamer Advantage review
Gamer Advantage review

Help yourself before it may be too late...

Even professional athletes put a large emphasis on sleep and the benefits it has for you. Poor sleep may take a while to catch up with you, and by the time it does it may be too late.

"Just like some people don't quit smoking until they have lung cancer," said Reedy. "most people don't take sleep seriously until they can attach it to some major issue that they have. Once you have the issue, you have it."

A lot of these issues can be easily preventable with a healthy sleep schedule. That is exactly what Reedy is fighting for people to realize.

"Glasses are the easiest first step you can take to better sleep," said Reedy. "They are literally effortless."

Reedy's knowledge provides us with the proper insight on just how important blue light glasses are. We hope that more gamers can understand. It is vital for them to be focusing on a healthy sleep cycle.

Gamer Advantage's mission

Gamer Advantage is a committed company to helping improve the lives of everyday gamers. The esports and gaming industry constantly growing. It is important for people to be preaching about physical and mental well-being.

It is important for gamers to be protected with the right quality lenses. Gamer Advantage seeks to make sure as many gamers as possible are in possession of these high-quality blue light lenses.

More information about Gamer Advantage can be found on their website.