With the TFT Fates World Championships on the horizon, Dan “Frodan” Chou revisits the NA Regionals and shares the main storylines from the four day event.

Frodan was a commentator and analyst for the Riot Games event which peaked at 29,686 viewers on Twitch. The average viewership for the $25,000 TFT Fates NA Regionals was 17,112.

An unexpected narrative

The TFT NA Regionals ended up showcasing a mix of the old and new. The unexpected early exits of strong ladder players C9's K3Soju and GrandVice was contrasted with the phenomenal performance of Soulless on Day 1 and 2. Meanwhile, new blood Otterbear and Jirachy held their own against their region's best players despite coming from the open bracket.

The TFT Fates NA Regionals were ultimately won by KurumX who finished in first with 39 points. KurmX finished just one ahead of second place finisher Mismatched Socks. The result was KurumX's first major win as a competitive player.

"It felt fucking surreal. I’ve never felt anything like it. It was pure bliss," said KurumX in an interview with Juked.gg. " I can't really describe the feeling but I never had a win that big at any competitive game I’ve played. Basically, my whole life is playing competitive video games at a top-level and I’ve never had a win that big in my entire 28 years of being alive. It was a crazy feeling."

The $250,000 World TFT Championship will feature the top 24 players in the world.
The $250,000 World TFT Championship will feature the top 24 players in the world.

What were the NA Fates Regional Finals?

The NA Fates Regional Finals took place over two weekends, March 6th-7th and March 13th to 14th. 32 players competed in a total of 24 games, with the final four rewarded with a coveted invite to the TFT Fates World Championship.

Competing players earned points based on their finishes and the lowest placing players were eliminated at the end of days one, two and three. At the end of each day points were reset. The $250,000 World TFT Championship will take place from April 7th-9th 2021.