Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo released on PS5 following State of Play cover image

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo released on PS5 following State of Play

A PlayStation State of Play focused solely on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and ended with the announcement of a demo on PS5.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth arrives on February 29, but you don't have to wait to experience it, as a demo is now available on PS5. Following a State of Play edition specific to the game, Square Enix revealed the demo is open for anyone to play.

How to play the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo on PS5

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If you have a PlayStation 5, you can jump into a preview of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. It's absolutely free, so you don't have to worry about pre-ordering the game or anything like that to try it out in advance. Here's how you can play it:

  • Go to the Store on your PS5 or the PlayStation website
  • Add the game to your Library and choose to download the demo
  • Open the demo from your console's home page to play

It's really that simple. Just make sure you have 48.64 GB available on your PS5. That's the space needed for the demo download to take place.

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(Screenshot via

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo details

The demo itself puts you in an extended flashback scene. It takes place several years before the events of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. In the demo, you'll play through the Nibelheim incident. And you can play as both Cloud and Sephiroth.

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy 7, this Rebirth demo gives you a front row seat to one of the most infamous moments of the timeline. We won't spoil it for you if you're new to the series, but we highly recommend you play through it to access future aspects of the demo.

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(Screenshot via

On February 21, before the official release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the demo will add an explorable portion of the Junon Region, but only if you complete the Nibelheim Incident. This allows players to experience the free exploration that has been a focal point of the game's development.

Here are some bonuses available for playing the demo:

  • Kupo charm: An accessory that increases the number of resource items extracted at a set rate.
  • Survival set: A selection of items to aid on your adventure, such as potions and ethers.
  • Those who complete the demo can skip the Nibelheim Incident section in the main game

All of these are only rewarded if you keep the save data from the demo on your system when you play the full launch title.

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