Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is confirmed for a February 29, 2024 release on 2 Discs. The brand new trailer features Cait Sith, Vincent,
Emerald Weapon and more!

PlayStation has dropped a brand new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer and it is mind-blowing. Released on Sept. 14, the trailer also confirmed the official release date for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PS5. As previously expected, the second instalment of the FF7 remake trilogy will be on two discs.

The newest trailer is jam packed with content from flying Chocobos to vehicles, iconic monsters to unforgettable mini-games. FFVII Rebirth looks set to be definitely worth the wait.

When is the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth PS5 release date?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch on February 29, 2024, on Playstation 5. The game will be released on two discs.

The release date was confirmed during the PlayStation: State of Play on September 14.

Vincent, Cait Sith and Red XIII coming to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The latest Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer gives a lot more of what to expect in the second instalment. We see the first appearance of Vincent, a secret character in the original PlayStation 1 game. We also see Red XIII and Cait Sith as fully playable characters.

Red XIII did appear at Shinra Tower at the end of FF7 Remake, but he was an AI controlled companion. This leaves Cid as the only playable character from the original game to not yet make an appearance, but SquareEnix might be keeping him hidden on purpose.

For those that have played the FF7 Remake DLC, you might notice that we see Yuffie synergise with Barrett just as she did with Sonon. Bless.

Emerald Weapon Weapon

In the latest Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer we see a shot of Junon and hear a voiceover explaining the origins of the Weapons. We also get to see a shot of Underwater Weapon (Emerald Weapon) swimming past Tifa. Yes, notorious Weapon bosses are in FFVII Rebirth!

If you're not familiar with the original PS1 Final Fantasy VII, Weapon is the name of epic monsters that appear when the planet Gaia is in danger. In the original game they were powerful bosses, not all of which you needed to defeat in order to complete the game.

There were five Weapons in total; Sapphire, Ultimate, Diamond, Ruby and Emerald. You were not considered a true master of Final Fantasy VII if you had not defeated all of them.

Another iconic monster Final Fantasy VII fans will recognise is the Midgar Zolum which appears for just a couple of seconds in the new trailer. Plus we get a brief glimpse of the Bottomswell boss from Junon.

Golden Saucer confirmed for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The massive amusement park the Golden Saucer has also made its way into FFVII Rebirth which will delight fans worldwide.

In the PS1 version of Final Fantasy VII, your party passes through it on the hunt for Sephiroth and it's also the location where you learn of Barrett's backstory. Plus, it's where Cloud ended up having a date with Tifa or Aerith - or Barrett/Yuffie if you knew how to game the system.

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In the PS1 version, The Golden Saucer was divided into squares; Chocobo, Battle, Event, Round, Speed and Wonder. In the latest FFVII Rebirth trailer we see several of the iconic mini-games from the PS1 original reimagined. Thankfully, Square Enix isn't afraid to let a bit of silliness into the second instalment.

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