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FF7 Rebirth: How to find Quetzalcoatl for the windmill quest

A step-by-step guide on the “Where the Wind Blows” quest.

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (FF7 Rebirth) quest, "Where the Wind Blows," is one of the most important side missions in the Grasslands region that requires you to defeat Quetzalcoatl and repair a windmill. Quetzalcoatl is the region's world boss and finding it is not the most obvious. Follow this guide to complete this quest and receive one of the best accessories in the game — the Whistlewind Scarf.

How to unlock the FF7 Rebirth "Where the Wind Blows" quest

In order to unlock this quest, you need to complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Progress through the main story of Chapter 2 in Kalm until you get out of town
  2. Explore the open world and find Bill's Chocobo Ranch to tame your first Chocobo
  3. Make your way back to Kalm to take on the "Livestock's Bane" quest
  4. Unlock "Where the Wind Blows" quest via Kalm's job board
  5. Start the quest by speaking to Broden at the inn you stayed in Kalm
Where the Wind Blows (Image via esports.gg)
Where the Wind Blows (Image via esports.gg)

At the start of the quest, Broden will direct you to speak with Mildred. Once you meet her, she will ask for your help to repair the windmill by crafting a gear. You can craft this gear through your item transmuter, which you received prior to starting this quest. To craft the windmill gear, you need the following items:

  • 5 Beast Bones
  • 1 Lea Titanium
  • 2 Iron Ores
  • 1 Quetzalcoatl Talon

You can easily get the first three items through scavenging the Grasslands region. Or you can also purchase them from Chloe at Bill's Chocobo Ranch. The Quetzalcoatl talon, however, is a tad more challenging to obtain.

How to find Quetzalcoatl and craft windmill gear

Quetzalcoatl is the first world boss you encounter in FF7 Rebirth. To find it, you must complete a number of "World Intel" tasks within Grasslands. These are only accessible after you have spoken to Chadley, whom you'll meet at the ranch. He will ask you to activate a "Remnaware Tower" nearby, which will unlock the aforementioned intel tasks.

Key locations (Image via esports.gg)
Key locations (Image via esports.gg)

The type of intel task you need to complete to find Quetzalcoatl is the "Expedition Intel" marked with a Mako Lifespring icon (circled red). The closest ones are near either Kalm or Bill's Chocobo Ranch. Obviously, their icons won't appear on the map until you unlock them by activating the Remnaware Tower in the area, which is also known as "Activation Intel."

Classified Intel: Winged Lacertilian of Yore location (Image via esports.gg)
Classified Intel: Winged Lacertilian of Yore location (Image via esports.gg)

After scanning four Mako Lifesprings from the Expedition Intel tasks, you will unlock "Classified Intel: Winged Lacertilian of Yore." You can now head to the location to battle Quetzalcoatl and get its talon for the windmill gear. Be sure to have some ice magic or skills for this battle because it won't be easy. Once you have all the ingredients, craft the windmill gear through your transmuter to complete this quest and receive the Whistlewind Scarf.

In FF7 Remake, the Whistlewind Scarf is one of the most powerful accessories for the late game as it provides the wearer some ATB gauge at the start of battle. So be sure to complete this side quest to get this item early on in FF7 Rebirth!

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