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FF7 Rebirth: How to upgrade weapons and acquire new skills

Learn how to upgrade your weapons and acquire new skills in a quick FF7 Rebirth beginner’s guide.

Final Fantasy VII (FF7) Rebirth explores a new system on how you upgrade your weapons. While you still need to master each weapon's inherent ability like before, the skill tree no longer exists. Instead, you now have "weapon skills" that you can equip like materias.

Here's a quick guide on how to upgrade your weapons and unlock their various skills.

The new FF7 Rebirth weapons upgrade system

The FF7 Rebirth weapons upgrade system is a huge departure from that of FF7 Remake, which can be a little bit confusing. But in reality, it is much easier to manage. There's no need for you to get lost in a difficult-to-navigate web of skill trees. Now, upgrading weapons is as simple as equipping a weapon skill; just like a materia.

To upgrade a weapon, simply head to the main menu and select "Upgrade Weapons." This option only appears after you visit the weapon store in Kalm during chapter two. As shown in the image above, you can select each character to view what upgrades are available for all your weapons.

Next, you can equip a weapon skill, which provides passive bonuses. For example, Cloud's Sleek Saber comes with the following weapon skills: ATB Charge Rate Up, Unrelenting Punisher, Magic Attack Power +20 and Weapon Ability ATB Recovery. At the start, you can only equip one skill. Simply click the triangle button to "Set Weapon Skills" and select the weapon skill you wish to equip.

To acquire and equip more weapon skills, you need to increase your weapon level by getting skill points (SP). Your weapon level is unique to each character, but applies for all weapons and will not reset when equipping new ones. As you increase your weapon level, you will also receive additional stat boosts which includes new slots to equip more weapon skills.

How to acquire skill points

The main method to get skill points to upgrade your weapons is by leveling up your character and progressing through the game. However, you can also get additional points from manuscripts. Each character has their own sets of manuscripts.

The following are their titles:

  • Cloud - The Art of Swordplay
  • Tifa - Way of the Fist
  • Aerith - Telluric Scriptures
  • Barret - Sharpshooter’s Companion
  • Red XIII - Tale of the Red Warrior
  • Yuffie - Secrets of the Ninja
  • Cait Sith - Fortunes Untold

You can purchase some of these manuscripts from Moogle Shops while others can be found by completing side quests and exploring the FF7 Rebirth continent. Furthermore, these skill points will also be necessary for upgrading your folios to acquire synergy skills and abilities.

We will cover this on our next guide so stick around to esports.gg for more FF7 Rebirth content.