FF7 Rebirth physical game has its discs mislabeled, but it still works! cover image

FF7 Rebirth physical game has its discs mislabeled, but it still works!

Mislabeled FF7 Rebirth physical discs may have caused some panic! Fortunately, they work just fine! Just think reverse.

In a rare manufacturing error event, Sony and Square Enix mislabeled the discs for Final Fantasy VII/FF7 Rebirth. Due to this mistake, the contents of the "Data" and "Play" discs are switched, which may cause players some distress.

Only Japan and Asia regions are affected

(Image via Square Enix)
(Image via Square Enix)

Square Enix already issued a statement regarding this error on their website. It stated "due to a defect in the manufacturing process at Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., an error has occurred in the label printed on the surface of the disc and the content recorded on the disc for the 'FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH' packaged disc (set of 2)."

Fortunately, this manufacturing error only affected Japan and Asia regions. Players from North America or the west will have no issues with the mislabeling of FF7 Rebirth discs. Alternatively, those who got their hands on a mislabeled FF7 Rebirth disc may have just accidentally stumbled upon a rare collectible.

The correct way to insert the mislabeled FF7 Rebirth discs

(Image via Square Enix)
(Image via Square Enix)

Do not panic and do not start calling your local GameStop store to return the game. Even though the FF7 Rebirth discs were erroneously mislabeled, their contents work perfectly fine.

Simply put, just treat the "Play" and "Data" discs as each other. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to insert the mislabeled discs correctly in order to play FF7 Rebirth as soon as possible.

  1. Insert the black-colored "Play" disc and allow some time for PS5 to copy its contents
  2. Upon completion, eject the first disc and then insert the white-colored "Data" disc to play the game

By playing the disc version of FF7 Rebirth, there is no need to spend long hours to preload the game like that of a digital one. However, there is still an installation process which takes about an hour.

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