FaZe Clan announces the FaZe1 recruitment challenge, similar to their highly anticipated FaZe5 challenges- but with a twist.

Built from a humble desire to make gaming montages, the now-renowned organisation of FaZe Clan has collected a formidable list of members from all around the world -and they are looking for more.

First of its kind, the FaZe1 challenge

FaZe1 calls forth all fans, any kind of creator under the sun, to partake in a contest for the chance to sign with FaZe Clan. However, differing from their previous challenges, there will only be ONE crowned clan member by the end of the event.

The winner will also receive a $1 million signing bonus in Crypto -powered by MoonPay, a $250k sponsorship from GFUEL, and a brand new Nissan GT-R.

And the biggest twist yet; the top 20 finalists will be flown out to Los Angeles for a 15-day stay, where they will be broadcasted doing the final challenges 24/7, à la reality tv show.

Previous FaZe challenges

FaZe Clan has organised programs of a similar kind before, called the FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge. The first two programs were organised in 2013 and 2014. After a six-year hiatus, the highly-anticipated recruitment program returned in 2020 to an overwhelming reception of 211k applicants. 2020’s FaZe5 closes out with 6 winners, adding a bonus recruit to the promised five.

The 6 winners of 2020's FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge
The 6 winners of 2020's FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge

Possible future FaZe Clan member

Fans have wasted little to no time -posting their gaming highlights, changing their user handles and announcing their participation. Under the tag faze1, participants are brimming with anticipation at the possibility of them being recruited.

How to join the FaZe1 recruitment program

All you have to do is to click this link, fill out your information and wait for the Faze1 Open Challenge video. You will have to complete the challenge mentioned in the aforementioned video before they filter through all submissions to pick 100 participants. 

If you survive, you are then required to complete the Top 100 Challenges. They will whittle it down to a sum of 20 participants, all of whom would be flown out to Los Angeles, California in an undisclosed location. Then, the top 20 finalists will complete various challenges in 15 days, with a 24-hour live stream broadcast, to hopefully be the future recruit revealed in the live finale.

So what are you waiting for? With one small leap, you might just see yourself becoming part of the clan.