FaZe Temperrr has been declared the winner of Saturday’s bout after appealing the decision with the PBA

FaZe Thomas "Temperrr" Oliveira has officially been declared the winner of his bout against King Kenny, that took place on Saturday, March 5th. The fight was initially declared in favor of King Kenny after the pair’s match in OVO Arena Wembley. Now, according to a post by Temperrr, the fight has been rescored to an unanimous decision by judges to declare him the winner. 

The boxing match became the subject of controversy after the initial decision, which went in King Kenny’s favor. On Saturday, at the SHOWSTAR UK event, judges scored 2-1 in decision of Kenny. But as per today’s announcement by the Profession Boxing Association (PBA), the fight had been rescored 3-0 for FaZe Temperrr.

In the announcement, the PBA stated that they accepted that the “dangerous and chaotic circumstances experienced by our officials during Showstar’s event” were sufficient grounds for FaZe Temperrr’s appeal. The new scoring saw a unanimous decision for Temperrr, scoring 49-46, 49-46, and 48-47. FaZe Temperrr is now 1-0 in his professional boxing record.

Controversy for Kenny and FaZe Temperrr

Scenes at Saturday’s (March 5) fight were hectic, with FaZe clan members calling the match “rigged” after the conclusion. Additionally, there were fights in the crowd, an early match was called off after a disqualification, and the main event had seen influencers and corner members charge the ring. 

To add insult to injury, a wild bet that Temperrr had made before the match would see the winner take home the loser's entire purse, meaning it was all or nothing in this fight. With the split decision, Temperrr would walk away with nothing.

But even in defeat, Temperrr was resolute. The fighter’s camp nearly immediately stated they’d be seeking a rematch and an appeal on the decision. Today the decision was overturned.

Now, it seems a rematch between the British musician and YouTube star is destined to take place. And this time, Temperrr wants the home-field advantage. 

YouTuber boxing definitely has its detractors. What's more, the controversy and scenes from Saturday's event will do nothing to bring them on side. But few can argue that there’s something incredibly compelling about the drama that comes out every time one of these matches makes headlines.