After 2 weeks of its free-to-play launch, Fall Guys celebrates a huge milestone. The colorful battle royale has reached an astounding 50 million players across all platforms!

The vibrant battle royale, Fall Guys made a huge move in June 2022, transitioning its game to Free to Play. A short 2 weeks after, the video game celebrates an astounding milestone of 50 million players! 

The adorable battle royale serves as a fun (and highly competitive) multiplayer game that you can play among your friends. It went viral during the 2020 pandemic - when people were searching for remote activities among friends. The game’s simple yet difficult missions and its bubbly graphics make Fall Guys insanely addictive. However, the game gradually lost its hype, and it barely had a decent player base. One of the reasons why it struggled was likely because of the $9.99 USD stamped on top of the game.

In June 2022, Fall Guys made a massive shift. The game transitioned to free-to-play and it even expanded to more platforms. Previously, the game was available only on PC and PlayStation. Now, gamers on Xbox and Nintendo Switch can also hop on the fun train. The battle royale also supports cross-play, cross-platform parties, and cross-progression through players' Epic Games accounts which makes it all the more efficient.

Fall Guys' player base prior to the free-to-play launch

We don’t have access to the full player base of Fall Guys comprising all platforms. Fortunately, Steam Charts provide a little window to see just how much the game has grown. When Fall Guys was first released in August 2020, the game went viral and reached 124k average monthly players. In the next 10 months, it gradually dropped in players and it hovered around 6k to 10k players. When the game switched to Free to Play in June 2022, its player base jolted up to 17.4k on Steam.

Fall Guys entire player base history on Steam. Source: Steam Charts
Fall Guys entire player base history on Steam. Source: Steam Charts

Do note that Steam no longer hosts Fall Guys on its platform. Following the free-to-play launch, Fall Guys is now exclusive to the Epic Game Store. Fret not, the game is still completely free to download for PC players. The game itself is also very light with a 2GB size and very minimal spec requirements. On top of that, Fall Guys is heavily active with updates and they constantly bring colorful events for players to enjoy.

This game is no doubt one of the best battle royale games out there. I mean, who doesn't like dressing up in silly costumes and racing against your friends in a colorful world? With 50 million players enjoying the now-free-to-play game, we can expect to see more from Fall Guys in the future.

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