The Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration is here and those who purchase Fall Guys for free via the Epic Games can unlock free Fortnite rewards.

The long-rumored Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration is officially here. Following Epic Games’ acquisition of Mediatonic last year, the popular platform Battle Royale game entered the Epic Games Store. Currently, you can get Fall Guys for free through Epic Games. As a result, the Fortnite x Fall Guys crossover came to life. 

Those who acquire Fall Guys and start playing can earn some free Fortnite cosmetics by accomplishing a few challenges. Today, we’ll explain every reward available and how you can unlock them.

Fortnite x Fall Guys: Play Fall Guys to unlock Fortnite rewards

Fall Guys available via Epic Games Store
Fall Guys available via Epic Games Store

There are five Fortnite-specific rewards involved in the Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration. To unlock them, you must first install Fall Guys via the Epic Games Store and compete in various rounds of Fall Guys. Every few rounds that you complete will net you one of five rewards. However, it’s worth noting that matches in Fall Guys can last quite a while, so prepare for some platform Battle Royale action. 

Here is a look at the Fortnite items available in the Fall Guys crossover and how many rounds to unlock each:

  • 10 Fall Guys Rounds: Stacked! Spray
  • 20 Fall Guys Rounds: Stacked With Love Emoticon
  • 40 Fall Guys Rounds: Sweet Clementine Pickaxe
  • 70 Fall Guys Rounds: Waffler Backbling
  • 100 Fall Guys Rounds: Major Mancake Outfit

Account linking process on PC and console

The process on PC is straightforward, as your Epic Games account encompasses Fortnite and Fall Guys. However, on console, you must ensure that you’ve played Fortnite on the same account as Fall Guys. Additionally, you can check your progress by opening Fortnite to see if any rewards appear. 

It’s unclear how long this promotion will be available. Regardless, you can head into Fall Guys right now to start completing rounds and acquiring the cosmetics above. Be sure to take advantage of these free Fortnite rewards sooner rather than later.

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