Netflix Geeked Week revealed loads of gaming related content on Friday

Netflix Geeked Week has been a week-long celebration of all things geeked. But for the gamers among us, it’s Friday’s presentation that’s the most exciting, giving us details about all the info about gaming-related shows and games themselves that Netflix has released. Here’s a run down of everything announced on Netflix Geeked Week Gaming section

Geeked Week Gaming Announcements

Dragon Age: Absolution 

(Image via Netflix)

Dragon Age: Absolution is a stand alone show inspired by the Dragon Age universe. With the game series seemingly in limbo, it’s exciting to get a new property of any kind from Dragon Age. The show is set for release in December 2022.

Tekken: Bloodline new trailer

Tekken: Bloodline received a new trailer and preview, as well as a  message from the Tekken lead developer Katsuhiro Harada about the show, showcasing clips and details. Harada explained that Tekken is one of the longest running game stories in gaming, and encouraged everyone to watch

Netflix Mobile Games

Netflix announced that a host of mobile games related to their properties will now be playable directly through the Netflix app. This is great news for those who browse Netflix on their tablet. They specifically called out a number of games.

Shadow And Bone: Destinies

A RPG based in the universe of the Shadow And Bone world. 

Too Hot To Handle

A dating sim based on the Netflix reality show.

La Casa de Papel

An adventure game based on the hit show Bank Heist. 

The Queen’s Gambit Chess

A chess game based on The Queen’s Gambit.

Wild Things Animal Adventures

A puzzle game with cute animals!

The Cuphead Show Season 2

The Cuphead Show’s next season got a new trailer. Hot on the heels of the announcement of a new Cuphead DLC, the second season is gearing up to expand the story and include Ms. Chalice the new character for Cuphead. New episodes drop in August 2022.

New Indie Games revealed to be published by Netflix

Lucky Luna

A side scrolling platformer inspired by Japanese Folklore.

Desta: The Memories Between

An introspective puzzle game.


A cozy management game about the afterlife

Raji: An Ancient Epic

An action-adventure game based in ancient India

Three games from Devolver Digital coming to Netflix

  • Reigns: Three Kingdoms
  • Terra Nil
  • Poinpy

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 3

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 or Book 3, is coming to Netflix on August 11th. After a devestating end to the last season that saw fan favorites fall, Dota: Dragon’s Blood will continue to tell the story of Davion the Dragon Knight and his companions.

Sonic Prime reveal trailer

Sonic Prime is the new animated show coming to Netflix based on Sonic The Hedgehog.

Castlevania: Nocturne

A new Castlevania animated series, seemingly a spin off from a original series. Focusing on Richter Belmont this is a new avenue for story of Castlevania.

And that’s everything games related announced on Netflix Geeked Week Day 5!

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