The ESL PUBG Masters Summer is around the corner. Here are some more details for the $50,000 event.

ESL has announced the format, prize pool and other details for the ESL PUBG Masters: Summer event. 

What is the schedule for ESL PUBG Masters: Summer event?

The ESL PUBG Masters: Summer takes place from July 8th to August 1st. Here’s the full schedule for the matches and various segments of the event.

  • Qualifiers: July 8th – 11th
  • Upper Bracket: July 16th
  • Lower Bracket: July 17th – 18th
  • Grand Finals- Week 1: July 24th – 25th
  • Grand Finals- Week 2: July 31st – Aug 1st

Players can register for the open qualifiers here

What is the format for ESL PUBG Masters: Summer?

ESL will adopt the official ruleset and format for its Summer event. PUBG Corp. had announced the switch to the ‘Most Chicken’ format for all official PUBG matches. The controversial decision drew sharp reactions from the community.

After the massive support we saw for ESL PUBG Masters: Spring, we have decided to increase the capacity for our Open Qualifiers. This will not only increase the level of competition, but also provide as many teams as possible a gateway into qualifying to compete against the region’s best teams in the main event.

ESL will also expand its capacity for the Summer event, accommodating more participants for the open qualifiers. 

The format for ESL PUBG Masters Summer. Image Credit: ESL.

The open qualifiers will expand to include 512 teams. Only 15 teams will advance from this segment after playing 4 rounds over 4 days. The upper bracket features sixteen teams including the Open: Summer winner, the Masters: Spring winner, seven invited teams and 7 qualified teams. The teams play 1 round and the top eight will advance to the Grand finals. The Grand Finals starts on July 24th. 

The other eight teams from the upper bracket join 8 qualified teams in the lower bracket. The top eight teams from the lower bracket join the best from the upper bracket in the Grand finals. 

The Grand finals takes place over two weeks. Each week features the teams playing two rounds over two days.

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What is the Prize pool distribution?

The prize pool distribution for the ESL PUBG Masters Summer. Image Credit: ESL.

The tournament has a total prize pool of $50,000. The winner of the Grand finals week 1 receives $5,500 while that of Week 2 receives $7,000. There is also a $10,000 prize pool for the overall winner. 

ESL PUBG Masters: Summer to feature special prizes!!

The tournament will also feature special prizes for players with the following milestones:

  • Most Kills overall – $2,500.
  • Highest number of kills in one match of the Grand Finals – $2,500.
  • Most Chicken dinners in Eranger – $1,250.
  • Most Chicken dinners in Miramar – $1,250.
  • Best Stand-out team – $2,500.

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