Escape From Tarkov Arena set to have first esports event cover image

Escape From Tarkov Arena set to have first esports event

Escape From Tarkov Arena makes its esports debut at DreamHack Hannover. Here’s what to know about this week’s premiere.

Escape From Tarkov Arena is a DLC from the well-known Escape From Tarkov, being considered 'PVP-V-E.' Players compete across several modes such as ShootOut, TeamFight, Overrun, Last Hero and Duel. EFTA also stands out for its realistic graphics and tight shooting mechanics. And now, DreamHack looks to bring Escape From Tarkov Arena to the realm of esports.

While the game has not yet been officially released, DreamHack Germany revealed the first planned EFTA esports event, coming later this week. The event announcement comes after weeks of closed beta access.

Let's look at the dates, the teams involved, and what to expect.

What we know about DreamHack EFTA

The DreamHack event will start from Dec. 14-17, however the duration of the competition has not yet been confirmed. At, four players and the coach have a history in Rainbow Six Siege, competing in several major events in the game's lifespan.

DreamHack Hannover will host the first Escape from Tarkov Arena esports event. The tournament will distribute €100k in prizepool with the following teams participating:

  • Into the Breach
  • Light up
  • GamerLegion
  • TarkovHelp Team

After several weeks of closed beta, the community is eager for the game to be released. The esports tournament in Hannover raises expectations for a launch later this week. Dmitri Ogorodnikov, EFT's Head PR, has also been communicating with the community and piquing fans' curiosity about Arena's official launch day, actually saying "arena when?"

<em>Following the GTA VI trailer, Dimitry didn't fail to hype EFT Arena launch (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Image via X</a>)</em>
Following the GTA VI trailer, Dimitry didn't fail to hype EFT Arena launch (Image via X)

The future of Escape From Tarkov Arena esports

Despite the announcement of teams from the aforementioned organizations, no esports circuit or more tournaments for teams to play Escape From Tarkov Arena have yet been revealed.  However, Sam Macedonio, CEO of Into the Breach, in announcing his team's roster said: "Very interesting plans for upcoming ecosystem being developed for @tarkov. Hype to be a part of it."

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