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DreamHack festivals are coming to nine major cities in 2023, including San Diego, USA and Makuhari, Japan cover image

DreamHack festivals are coming to nine major cities in 2023, including San Diego, USA and Makuhari, Japan


DreamHack plans for a global party next year as it expands to more cities. Find out the full schedule for 2023 DreamHack World Tour here.

In celebration of DreamHack Day - the day DreamHack festivals are founded in 1994 - DreamHack reveals its 2023 world tour, bringing a total of 12 gaming festivals to nine different cities and seven countries. Aside from DreamHack’s return to familiar cities, it has also announced a first-time festival in two new locations.
DreamHack is one of the biggest gaming festivals, a haven for the gaming community. It takes place in an arena filled with a myriad of gaming activities and events. There are usually tournaments going on alongside cosplay contests, gaming booths, live concerts, panels, galleries, and more - all themed around a gamer’s lifestyle.

DreamHack is coming to San Diego and Japan

In 2023, fans worldwide have a better chance to attend the DreamHack festival as it expands across more cities and countries. The 2023 DreamHack World Tour goes to nine major cities in seven different countries. Alongside the return to familiar cities, DreamHack is also making a first-time entrance in San Diego, CA, USA, and Makuhari, Japan.
Here are all 12 DreamHack festivals coming in 2023:
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Hanover, Germany
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Hyderabad, India
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • DreamHack Summer/Winter in Jönköping, Sweden
The two new cities that will see DreamHack for the first time are:
  • San Diego, California, USA
  • Makuhari, Japan

DreamHack World Tour 2023 Full Schedule

Here is a quick summary of the DreamHack 2023 World Tour:
  • San Diego, USA (April 7-9)
  • Melbourne, Australia (April 28-30)
  • Makuhari, Japan (May 12-14)
  • Texas, USA (June 2-4)
  • Hanover, Germany (June 8-11)
  • DreamHack Summer in Jonkoping, Sweden (June 16th - 18th)
  • Valencia, Spain (July 7-9)
  • Hyderabad, India (October 29-31)
  • DreamHack Winter in Jonkopig, Sweden (Nov 24th - 26th)
  • Valencia, Spain (Dec 7th - 10th)
  • Hanover, Germany (Dec 14th - 17th)
  • Atlanta, USA (Dec 15th - 17th)

Ticket details and event highlights

Image via DreamHack
Image via DreamHack
The First DreamHack festival in 2023 will take place in San Diego, California, USA from April 7th to 9th. This festival will include the Snapdragon Pro Series Presented by Samsung – Mobile Challenge North America Finals, DreamHack Showdown Magic: the Gathering, and more to be announced. The Early Birds tickets will go on sale on December 14th.
Next is DreamHack Melbourne in Australia from April 28th to 30th. This festival includes the CS:GO ESL Challenger event. Tickets for this event will be on sale starting December 12th. From May 12th to 14th, DreamHack comes to Makuhari, Japan. Early Bird tickets will be on sale on December 15th.
DreamHack Dallas in Texas will take place from June 2nd to 4th. This festival will include the Intel® Extreme Masters Dallas and ESL Impact Season 3 Global Finals, which both are CS:GO events. Tickets for this event will be on sale on January 17th, 2023.
The fifth event of the year, DreamHack Hanover in Germany goes from June 8th to 11th, featuring another CS:GO event the ESL Challenger. The date for ticket sales is still TBA. Next, DreamHack Summer in Jonkoping, Sweden will occur from June 16th to 18th. This festival includes a competition for Fighting Games, DreamHack Fighters. Early Bird tickets will be on sale starting December 9th.

The rest of these DreamHack festivals' ticket sales dates are still TBA

DreamHack Valencia in Spain occurs from July 7th to 9th. The festival will then come to Hyderabad, India from October 29th to 31st. DreamHack Winter in Jonkopig, Sweden occurs from November 24th -26th and will include plenty more competitions than the rest. The Winter event will feature CS:GO events, the ESL Challenger, and the ESL Impact. It will also include a Fighting Games event, DreamHack Fighters.
DreamHack will then return to Valencia, Spain for another festival on December 7th until 10th. It will also return to Hanover, Germany for the second time in 2023, from December 14th to 17th. In Hanover, it will feature the ESL Impact Season 4 Global Finals for CS:GO. Simultaneously, DreamHack will close 2023 with the final festival in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from December 15th to 17th.
For more info regarding DreamHack, you can go to its website. Make sure to stick around for more gaming updates!
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