Dragon’s Dogma 2 slated for microtransactions, receives “mostly negative” steam reviews cover image

Dragon’s Dogma 2 slated for microtransactions, receives “mostly negative” steam reviews

Dragon’s Dogma 2 released with over $40 of microtransactions and players are NOT happy!

Just a couple of days ago, Dragon's Dogma 2 had video game critics swooning over its innovative and enjoyable RPG gameplay. This earned the game a lot of goodwill and players anticipated an exciting video game.

All this praise, however, didn't save Dragon's Dogma 2 from the ire of players who discovered all the microtransactions. The game released to "mostly negative" reviews on Steam and Capcom is getting called out all over Twitter.

Dragon's Dogma 2 includes microtransactions for regular content

Among the main points of criticism towards Dragon's Dogma 2's microtransactions is that they are for regular in-game content. The developers went out of their way to describe the game as an exclusively single-player experience. Most players expected a one-time purchase.

However, the list of microtransactions includes the option to purchase fast-travels and character editing, which are otherwise a staple presence among RPGs. Overall, the game includes microtransactions worth an additional $41.79 on top of its base $69.99 price tag. Capcom only revealed these microtransactions after the game's official release and critics were not aware of them.

Purchasable items can be acquired in-game

It's worth noting that despite the shadiness of these microtransactions, most of these are items players can acquire in-game, albeit with some grinding. Nevertheless, there is still plenty to criticise about making that grind easier with the allure of microtransactions. It's essentially akin to asking players to throw money at a problem and acquire a feature that should already be accessible in the base game.

Before its release, Dragon's Dogma 2 was among the most heavily anticipated games of 2024. They released the game's character creator early and made it accessible for free to all players. This was considered a good sign, and the game's glowing reviews only heightened the anticipation.

However, the hype quickly died down after release when Capcom revealed these microtransactions. A lot of players are outraged about this and we're waiting to see if the developers comment on it.

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