Dr Disrespect says he knows the reason why he was banned from Twitch, and now he’s suing

The former Twitch streamer wants a huge payout from the platform

Twitch permanently banned Dr Disrespect on June 26, 2020 for what it claims were violations of its terms of service. Corporate jargon aside, the real reason for the ban is still unknown. Doc has been relatively quiet about the incident since moving his stream to YouTube. However, today on stream Doc offered a revealing answer to the question the streaming world has been asking for over a year. Why was Dr Disrespect banned?

"I can't talk about it," Doc said, "but a lot of people ask me 'do you know the reason why?'. Yea, I do know the reason why now." He went on to say that he's known for months why Twitch permanently banned him from the platform. He continued by saying "there's a reason why we're suing the f**k out of them". Doc is claiming Twitch caused damages to his brand. Based on his frustrated demeanor on stream, he wasn't doing one of his signature bits.

Doc vs. the purple snake

Dr Disrespect's permanent ban was not surprising for some in the streaming world. The first reason is that Twitch has a history of banning creators without providing reasons. So much so in fact that backlash from users has forced them to update their ban guidelines. Earlier this month they released a statement saying they would now provide details to streamers who were issued bans.

At the time of his permanent ban last year, Doc had accrued over 20,000 paid subscriptions. He was averaging tens of thousands of viewers each stream and raking in donations every other minute. This alongside various paid partnerships (some of which he lost) and ad revenue, Doc was generating a lot of money. So, when he claims damages against Twitch for loss of revenue, it's certainly easy to believe.

If Dr Disrespect was still in his contract with the "purple snake", as he calls Twitch, it would have ended next month. The relationship between the two has seen some rough patches in the past. So the news of a potential lawsuit is not surprising. Doc entered a public bathroom at a crowded E3 convention in 2019 which resulted in a temporary 2-week suspension. While this was only his second strike, the platform applied a permanent ban to his account a year later.

If the lawsuit comes to fruition, the streaming world might finally know why the notorious streamer was banned. Until then, let the speculation continue.