What ever happened to the infamous Dr Disrespect? We have the answers.

What happened to Dr Disrespect? Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, known around the esports community as ‘Dr.Disrespect,’ made headlines after being permanently banned from Twitch. There have been multiple speculations as to why Twitch banned him, but they haven’t given a tangible word on the exact reason.

During an interview with PC Gamer, Beahm even specified himself that Twitch did not give him a legitimate reason as to what led to the ban. Ironically, the ban occurred a couple of months after Beahm signed a contract extension with Twitch. Although Beahm's falling out with Twitch is still a mystery, surprisingly enough, infamous streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made his return to Twitch shortly after. Some speculate this could have had something to do with it. However, it is hard to believe that why would Twitch not want the two biggest names in streaming using their platform? 

Beahm has been vocal about his experience with Twitch, mostly due to the constant speculations surrounding his departure. “I've seen all the theories, I've seen all the possible conspiracies, and it's just like, I'm just not interested in engaging in that type of stuff.”

Beahm wanted to make sure that it was clear to the gaming community that he had no idea about what happened and to give some sort of dialogue to his supporters. Unfortunately, due to Twitch’s lack of an official statement, people are still going to conclude what happened on their own, but that comes with the mystery of this whole situation.

Beahm spent about a month away from streaming after his ban became public and would quickly make his return to gaming on video-sharing platform Youtube. 

What Happened to Dr Disrespect and Why Did He Transition to YouTube?

Photo credits: MLG
Photo credits: MLG

The question of what Happened to Dr Disrespect needed answers. Fortunately, on August 6 of last year, Beahm would announce via Twitter that he was returning to streaming on video-sharing platform YouTube. The news was exciting to those that didn't know what happened to Dr. Disrespect in the first place. The following day Beahm went live for the first time since his banning from Twitch and was greeted by over 500,000 viewers in his stream. Even without Twitch, it was clear that the Champion’s Club and Dr. Disrespect’s influence still ran deep in the esports community

In his first live stream back, Beahm addressed multiple questions from fans about what occurred with Twitch. He was adamant about his stance that Twitch had not specified a real reason for his departure. Dr. Disrespect's first stream peaked at 510,000  viewers, which is impressive and expected from such a large figure in the community. He has amassed over three million subscribers to his channel, and it is clear that the following he grew on Twitch easily transitioned with him to YouTube. 

While most people know Beahm for his dominance in gaming, he has also raked in millions of views showcasing his musical talents. There is a section called ‘DrDisrespect Music’ with four songs that he created, which have all eclipsed a million views on his YouTube channel. His biggest hit is “Alleyways,” which has over six million views currently. 

Dr. Disrespect Following and Community

The Champion’s Club, the name Beahm addresses his audience, has showed their loyalty to the infamous streamer. The community Beahm has built is very open. People enjoy his bold personality, and it is clear that his audience doesn’t hold back at times either. In 2019 Beahm had to remove a subscriber from The Champion’s Club because he admitted to physically abusing his wife.

Beahm is no stranger to controversy and does not portray himself in a squeaky clean light; however, like most, he does not support acts such as domestic abuse. 

Beahm’s transition to YouTube was seamless, thanks to the fanbase that he has amassed over the years. Most streamers have named their communities, which becomes a badge of honor to loyal subscribers. The Champion’s Club has created their community within each other. They have fan pages, discord servers, and other ways for the DrDisrespect faithful to communicate with one another.

This fan base is loyal because not many can transition to a platform and find the same level of success. The Champion’s Club is a testament to the authenticity and influence that Beahm has on the audience. 

Could we see Beahm back on Twitch in the distant future? That question may never get an answer unless we find clarity as to why they banned him from the platform. However, the odds are looking bleak as the incident occurred almost a year ago, and there is still no definitive answer. Fortunately for Beahm, this hiccup has had no effect on how he has maintained and grown his audience. What happened to Dr Disrespect? Well today you can find him and the Champion’s Club exclusively on Youtube.