Destiny 2 Titan mains rejoice, buffs are finally coming.

Destiny 2 developers recently provided fans with a glimpse of what is to come in the next few months in the aftermath of the Witness's defeat in Echoes: Act 2 and beyond. One of the most exciting, or devastating, things announced are some balance changes coming to two of the game's classes - Hunters and Titans.

For Destiny 2 Hunters, brace yourself for some nerfs, but Titans can rejoice, you have some buffs in your future.

Hunter's PvP dominance may be coming to an end once these updates go live (Image via Bungie)
Hunter's PvP dominance may be coming to an end once these updates go live (Image via Bungie)

Destiny 2 Titan buffs and Hunter nerfs planned

Just before closing the stream, Destiny 2 developers dropped one final update on those who tuned in to the July 9 live stream - some major class balance updates. Devs expressed concern with Prismatic Hunters overperformance in PvP and stated they would be bringing it down in some, but didn't get into specifics.

For Titans, they stated that PvE buffs are in order with planned damage buffs coming to Twilight Arsenal and Hammer of Sol ultimate in a "future update." You can hear more from developers on these changes towards the end of the stream (Timestamp 42:43).

As the quote above states, we don't know exactly when these changes will be hitting live servers just yet. It seems likely that they will not be live with Echoes: Act 2 on July 16, but they could make it in time for Act 3, which will hit live servers on August 16.

Both changes are ones that the community has been clamoring for throughout the duration of The Final Shape. While some Titan mains are fine with the current state of the class, others have some serious thoughts about it. Just look at Reddit threads like this one that, well, have quite a few opinions on the matter.

Once we know more on the exact details of these updates, we will provide updates. Until then, stay tuned for more Destiny 2 news and updates here at!