Snipers and Solar are getting a buff in Destiny 2 Echoes: Act 2.

In a July 9 live stream, Destiny 2 developers went into great detail about what players can expect in the next Act of Echoes. Among some other big changes are some weapon buffs that players should be aware of heading into Act 2. Chief among these is a buff for sniper rifles, Solar, and scout rifles coming in Destiny 2 Echoes: Act 2.

Sniper, Solar, and Scout rifle buffs coming in Echoes: Act 2

Destiny 2 developers went live for over an hour on July 9 to talk about everything to expect when Echoes: Act 2 releases, which included some big upgrades coming to sniper rifles, scout rifles, and Solar. This is thanks, first of all, to a new row of perks added to the season artifact that will specifically target sniper rifles and Solar.

New artifact mods coming in Echoes: Act 2

  • Anti-Barrier Sniper Rifle: Sniper rifles fire shield-piercing rounds, stun barrier champions, and are overcharged
  • Authorized Mods: Scavenger: The energy cost of Scavenger mods are discounted
  • Incendiary Rifle Rounds: Applies Scorch with precision hits from Solar sniper rifles
  • Solar Fulmination: Your ignitions do increased damage in an increased radius
  • Sniper's Meditation: Sniper rifles grant stacking damage, stability, and reload bonuses on hits
A preview of the new row of artifact mods coming in Destiny 2 Echoes: Act 2 (Image via Bungie)
A preview of the new row of artifact mods coming in Destiny 2 Echoes: Act 2 (Image via Bungie)

Developers go through each of these in the update more in-depth if you'd like to check out their commentary (33:24 timestamp). Developers also mentioned just after this segment that they feel both legendary and exotic scout rifles have also, "been lagging a bit behind" and will be getting 30% buffs that will buff the weapon in both PvE and PvP.

While this is all the information we currently have about the Destiny 2 sniper rifle, Solar, and scout rifle buff coming in Echoes: Act 2, there is plenty more that developers shared from this live stream. To catch all of that, and all of our other Destiny 2 guides, be sure and stay tuned to!