The gameplay in College Football 25 is everything fans could have hoped for.

Our first look at College Football 25 gameplay is finally here, thanks to the Deep Dive video released by EA Sports on May 31. The deep dive gave us our first look at what the game will actually look like, and just how many new features are coming. Here's more on everything to expect from gameplay in College Football 25.

<em>College Football 25 is opening up the playbook (Image via EA)</em>
College Football 25 is opening up the playbook (Image via EA)

College Football 25 gameplay first look

The College Football 25 gameplay has finally been revealed, and the game looks marvelous, showing off the impact of home-field advantage, the significance of the new Wear and Tear system, and so much more.

In an almost 5-minute video, Kirk Herbstreit talks players through all the new features coming to the game. There is more on this in an EA Sports blog as well, which details everything gone over in the video in even more detail.

College Football 25 player abilities

One of the biggest additions to the game that fans should be excited about is the over 80 player abilities that you can earn for any given player. These have varying levels and can impact anything from a player's injury tendencies, to how much composure they have in tough environments. These abilities, according to devs, are:

"...Purely situational boosts, and there are no guarantees. Abilities are categorized into two groups: physical and mental. Each of these groups is further divided into four tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The most a player can have at any given time is five physical and three mental abilities."

- College Football 25 devs
<em>Having a strong home turf will prove important in College Football 25 (Video via EA)</em>

The impact of home-field advantage

Outside of everything that has been added to the actual playing experience like the massive changes to passing and player abilities, College Football 25 is also ramping up the impact of strong home-field advantages. This will especially impact, say, a true freshman QB with little experience on a big stage.

This can impact your ability to see what button a certain receiver is set to, routes, and so much more. In those clutch moments on the road, it's clear that players are going to have to be on their a-game.

Other new gameplay features coming in College Football 25

Outside of player abilities and home-field advantage, even more new features coming to Colleg Football 25. Here are more highlights of what you can expect, detailed in the blog EA Sports posted today.

  • Improvements to the Option
  • Veiled coverage on defense
  • Coach vision and pre-snap awareness
  • Passing adjustments and the Switch Stick for swapping players on defense mid-pass
  • Playbook customization
  • Tempo changes
  • New field goal bar
  • Touchdown celebrations

We will continue to provide updates on all of the new features and additions coming in College Football 25, so stay tuned here at for more!