College Football 25’s gameplay speed may be on a totally different level than Madden.

Speculation has been buzzing ahead of the July 19 release date for EA Sports College Football 25, and fans are more curious than ever to see its gameplay firsthand. This dream became a reality recently for a few lucky playtesters, and feedback about the game has been released. One common thread - this game is absolutely not a Madden reskin. Here's why, according to testers.

College Football 25 gameplay may be an adjustment for seasoned Madden players (Image via EA)
College Football 25 gameplay may be an adjustment for seasoned Madden players (Image via EA)

College Football 25 gameplay feels "nothing like Madden"

Several YouTubers and popular content creators were given early access to play College Football 25 and gave some feedback on its gameplay today. The most common agreement amongst everyone who played the game? It is "nothing like Madden."

The sentiment of College Football 25 feeling "fun, fast, and explosive" is one that others have shared in their own words as well, and seems to be a common thread as to why the game feels so different than Madden.

This post from @MasterCiv, another early tester, expands a bit on the differences, noting the significance of the "Wear & Tear System" and passing mechanics' effect on gameplay.

Others have also noted the significance of these passing mechanics changes, which are rumored to implement a new velocity meter that will allow players to lob or fire in passes based on the route and situation.

Other elements that testers have noted are the new abilities that some players will have (which are supposedly very different than Madden XFactor's and not guaranteed to work), blocking mechanics, and tackling mechanics.

Everything here seems to point to a much more explosive and fast gameplay experience, which is so much of what college football is about and is sure to be music to fan's ears. From what testers are saying and the overall positivity of the reviews, fans should be very excited about this refreshed gameplay experience.

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