The new BattleCore Arena title is hosting a technical test for those itching to try out the game.

Ubisoft's latest title, BattleCore Arena, which was originally announced back in 2017, is getting its first technical test for players to try out the new game. The game, which will be available for free on Steam, is described as a "competitive third-person shooter game with a physics-based gameplay."

While the actual footage released of the game makes it difficult to understand the title's objective fully, you can still see that it revolves around unique ball figures that are shot around in an arena.

While the teaser trailer for the technical test was released today, many still have quite a few questions about exactly what the game is about.

Ubisoft announces technical test for BattleCore Arena

From the trailer, people have been able to draw a few conclusions about the game's mechanics and objectives, but little is still known.

While not too much is known yet about the game, BattleCore Arena posted directly on Twitter a small explanation of the game.

"BattleCore Arena is a free-to-play competitive platform shooter where gravity mastery is the key to victory," said BattleCore Arena on their official Twitter.

The game clearly uses canons to shoot the balls players use, but its major usage of gravity still has gamers puzzled. Luckily, those excited to play the game will be able to test the mechanics shortly, as BattleCore Arena is set to hold its very first technical test next month.

When is the technical test for BattleCore Arena?

The game's test is not too far away, as BattleCore Arena announced it for the beginning of February.

BattleCore Arena technical test dates:

  • February 1-5, 2024.

People who are itching to try out the new title will have exactly five days to do so. Registering to be a part of the technical test can be done at the game's website.

With still very little known about the game, it will be interesting to see how people react to its gameplay at the beginning of next month.

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