100 Thieves secures $60 Million in Series C funding round cover image

100 Thieves secures $60 Million in Series C funding round

The esports and apparel company is now valued at over $400m as investors grow confident in 100 Thieves ability to grow.

100 Thieves announced a $60m Series C funding round aimed at rapid growth within the internet and gaming sector. The funding round was led by Green Bay Ventures who valued 100 Thieves at a staggering $460 million.

100 Thieves record valuation

The closure of the funding round has drawn universal appraise and sparked countless conversations over the $460m valuation by Green Bay Ventures. The 2021 Esports Organization of the year claimed to grow yearly revenue at 111% amidst the addition of new sponsors, teams, merchandise drops, and content created.

The company aims to be more than an esports org, and the Series C investment round is one key cog in the gears of the 100 Thieves machine. 100 Thieves co-founder Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag is quite bullish on the company's future, "our performance in 2021 exceeded all of my expectations. We have delivered on our core promise of elevating gaming culture while building a strong business and brand for the long term."

What's next for 100Thieves?

100 Thieves made waves when they announced the acquisition of Higround a luxury keyboard manufacturer. With 100 Thieves merchandise expertise, the acquisition made sense and now the company has more resources to add more Higrounds to the stable.

100 Thieves has proven time and again over the past four years that it's unlike any other company in gaming, sports, or entertainment. Their ambitious vision and ability to execute gave us the conviction that 100 Thieves is going to be the most important company in gaming culture over the next decade.

Anthony Schiller Managing Director Green Bay Ventures

100 Thieves ability to create revenue lies in its multiple streams of revenue. Content creation, professional teams, and merchandise all monetise different aspects of gaming and internet culture. Breaking free of the shackles of being an "esports org" 100 Thieves has set itself up for broader appeal in the future.

The team will focus on creating new businesses, opportunities for growth, and to continue what fans love about the core brand.

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