Will FNCS adopt Zero build as main competitive mode? cover image

Will FNCS adopt Zero build as main competitive mode?

Will Fortnite’s Zero Build mode be the next FNCS? Or will their regular mode stay as the normal competitive staple?

As 2022 comes to an end, speculation on Fortnite's 2023 competitive season has been somewhat interesting. A lot of players and fans are curious as to whether or not Fortnite will make a large shift when it comes to their Fortnite Champion Series and Zero Build mode.

Will Fortnite competitive change to Zero Builds in 2023? Or will their regular mode stay the current competitive staple?

2022 was a big year for Fortnite's Zero Build

It is no secret that Zero Build was one of Fortnite's largest advancements in 2022. First released in March, the game mode swiftly won over quite a few players. With large streamers such as Tfue and Myth returning to the game, it started to seem like this game mode could be the future.

Shortly after its release, Twitch Rivals took hold of the game mode and started hosting large tournaments. In fact, in October, Twitch hosted a large LAN event at TwitchCon San Diego, which featured Zero Builds.

TwitchCon Zero Build Tournament
TwitchCon Zero Build Tournament

Players like SypherPK, Aydan, Tfue, and more all competed on a stage together, pulling in tens of thousands of viewers.

With Zero Builds becoming a mode for CCA tournaments, and even achieving their own in-game cash cups, it seemed as if Zero Build was starting to take over.

Fortnite hints at Zero Build becoming main competitive mode

Through all the speculation, no one knows for sure whether or not Zero Build will find its way into the main competitive scene. Although, it should be noted that in Fortnite's recent blog post about their upcoming invitational, Zero Builds were mentioned.

"The Explosive Goo Gun has been removed from Zero Build tournament playlists", said Fortnite via Twitter.

Why mention Zero Builds in an update catered for the FNCS invitational? Fortnite has also been building up an announcement for the future of Fortnite competitive, which will be revealed during the invitational later this month.

So has Fortnite found a new competitive mode? Or is this all simply just speculation? It seems as if we will find out the weekend of November 12 and 13.