Which is the best shotgun in Fortnite? Epic nerfs Shotguns in latest update. cover image

Which is the best shotgun in Fortnite? Epic nerfs Shotguns in latest update.

Fortnite lowers the max damage of each shotgun within the game in their newest update released on Tuesday, May 3.

With a fluctuating fan base, and multiple changes being added weekly to the game, Fortnite has recently made a change that has surprised quite a few players. In Tuesday's recent update, the game added a cap to all shotgun damage. Here are the changes to Fortnite shotguns and their damage numbers.

With the highest damage cap now being 200 for the Dragon Breath shotgun, players are now wondering which is the best shotgun within the game. We have got you covered!

Everything you need to know in the Fortnite shotgun update

Each shotgun within Fortnite has its own unique features. The Dragon Breath shotgun shoots 4 bullets at once, also setting builds on fire. The pump shotgun and striker shotgun shoot faster than others. Depending on which shotgun you prefer, there is something a little bit different about each one.

Whether or not you have a specific shotgun you prefer to use, players cannot simply use whichever they want. Each season has a special loot pool catered for that season. In Chapter 3, Season 2, players are stuck with the Striker Shotgun, Drum Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, and the Ranger Shotgun.

Players that prefer weapons such as the Pump Shotgun will have to continue to wait until Fortnite decides to rerelease the popular weapons. These guns not being on the island currently does not mean that they were not touched in the new update.

Here is the new max damage for each shotgun in Fortnite (legendary rarity):

  • Striker: 185
  • Auto: 185
  • Drum: 85
  • Pump: 185
  • Tac: 135
  • Charge: 195
  • Double Barrel: 150
  • Ranger: 165
  • Dragon: 200
  • Lever Action: 150
  • Combat: 95
  • Heavy: 155

This new update is now leaving players wondering, "Which shotgun is now the best?".

Which shotgun is now the best in Fortnite?

With the Dragon Breath being the only shotgun able to deal 200 damage, players now have to think wisely before choosing their favorite weapon. The go-to for most players was always the Pump Shotgun, but with the recent nerf, players are starting to think differently.

Striker Shotgun
Striker Shotgun

The Striker Shotgun, first introduced in Chapter 3, Season 1, was considered a weaker Pump Shotgun. They both had the same fire rate, but the Striker dealt less damage than the Pump. The playing field has now been leveled out, as both of these shotguns deal the same amount of damage.

Although the Dragon Breath may be a strong gun, and the only one to now deal 200 damage, it does have a large downside. It shoots an entire magazine at once and takes a while to reload. The next weapon highest in damage is the Charge Shotgun.

Charge Shotgun
Charge Shotgun

The Charge Shotgun in its legendary rarity now deals 195 damage to players, just below the 200 health that players max out at. The Charge Shotgun, being as strong as it is, also has a downside compared to weapons such as the pump. It has to charge before dealing its heaviest amount of damage.

This leaves opponents with an opportunity to hit one or two shots before the player holding the Charge is able to. Having that faster reaction can make a big difference in who comes out victorious in a fight.

Regardless of which is your favorite, there is still a big question here. That is "Which Fortnite Shotgun is the best?".

Pump Shotgun

Our answer is the Pump Shotgun.

Pump Shotgun
Pump Shotgun

The Fortnite Pump Shotgun still takes the cake as the best shotgun. Although it now deals the same amount of damage as the Striker, it still wins with a faster fire rate.

While neither gun is able to take a player at full health out with one shot, they still deal a heavy amount of damage. The damage dealt is also done much faster than the Dragon Breath or the Charge Shotgun.

Whether or not you like the pump or not, its popularity has set a large precedent for any other new shotguns entering the game. It just now has an equal rival that has joined the game.