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Where is the River Styx in Fortnite?

Dip into The River Styx in Fortnite for a helping hand!

Fortnite's Rise of Midas event is underway, and you must complete various quests to unlock exclusive rewards. Season 2 revolves around Greek Mythology, adding characters such as Zeus, Ares, Hades, and more. One noteworthy addition is The River Styx, which exists in Greek Mythology. However, Fortnite's River Styx is something you will want to visit.

Today, we will explain where you can find the River Styx and how to use it to complete the Rise of Midas Quests.

Where is The River Styx in Fortnite? What does it do?

The River Styx in Fortnite surrounds The Underworld and Grim Gate area of the Chapter 5 Season 2 map. You can quickly identify what constitutes the river by looking at the green rivers. What you will notice is that it is only present in this spot, so this is your first stop if you plan to complete the Rise of Midas Quest.

Once your character lands and touches the water, three green skulls appear behind it. Those skulls allow you to press jump twice and teleport a short distance. This mechanic functions similarly to the Zero Point Fish from previous Fortnite seasons. You get three uses of the teleport, and the skulls will reset after you touch The River Styx in Fortnite again.

How to complete the Rise of Midas Quest

The Fortnite Quest mentioned earlier requires players to damage opponents while under the effects of The River Styx. You must dip into the water and ensure the green skulls surround your character to do this. Then, use any weapon to damage another opponent.

It is much easier to accomplish this in Team Rumble since you can respawn, and there are various opponents on the opposite team. After dealing 300 damage to opponents, you will receive the 10K XP bonus for completing the challenge.

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