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When is the next Solo Victory Cup in Fortnite?

Hoping to play a Solo Victory Cup in Fortnite soon? You may be a little disappointed.

With FNCS just around the corner, many are wondering when Fortnite's next Solo Victory Cup will be. The past few Solo Victory Cups have been held on Fridays, but with FNCS now taking over the weekend, the popular solo tournaments will have to find a new date.

So when exactly is the next Solo Victory Cup in Fortnite?

Solo Victory Cups to take a break in Fortnite

Sadly, the next few weeks will be vacant of Solo Victory Cups. In fact, Fortnite's schedule seems to be a little surprising to some. The Solo Victory Cups might be coming back in a few weeks, but then they seem to end almost abruptly again.

In Fortnite's compete tab, there are only two dates listed for the next two sessions of Solo Victory Cups; February 9 and February 11. After that, there is nothing. It would seem that Fortnite is putting the tournaments on hold until next season, but why are there two of them in the middle of FNCS?

Well... FNCS won't actually have a tournament that weekend due to the Super Bowl, so Fortnite seems to have thrown in a Solo tournament to keep players excited.

Is this the end of Solo Victory Cups for the season?

Sadly, the February 9 and February 11 Solo Victory Cups will probably be the last ones we see this season. The next season of Fortnite will launch in early March, right after FNCS concludes, and the entire competitive tab will reset with new tournaments.

This means the February tournaments will be players' last chance to win a bit of money in solo tournaments before the end of the season

What are Solo Victory Cups?

Solo Victory Cups are Fortnite tournaments that allow players to win money by getting Victory Royale. The first round of the tournament allows a specific number of top players (varies by region) to qualify for finals, where players will have an hour to play 3 rounds.

If they get a win in one of those rounds, they win $100 USD. Pretty cool system if you ask me.

Hopefully, we see the Solo Victory Cups return, as many Fortnite gamers have become quite a big fan of them.

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