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Top 10 greatest Fortnite weapons of all time

Here is our list of the top 10 greatest Fortnite weapons of all time.

You drop into a Fortnite game, prepared to take home that victory royale. You land at your usual spot, and you open the first chest you see. It ends up being your favorite Fortnite weapon. What is it?

Here is our list of the top 10 greatest Fortnite weapons of all time.

10. Minigun

Whether you liked using it or not, you cannot deny that the original minigun would tear through builds in Fortnite. Before they added a cooldown, this heavy style weapon was an absolute must for squads. The pressure this weapon added to the battle was like no other.

Ultimately, the minigun has to come in as number 10 on our list for greatest Fortnite weapons of all time.

9. Hand Cannon

First introduced in Chapter 1: Season 3, the hand cannon surprised many. This weapon was basically a sniper, but with a much faster fire rate, considering it had a larger magazine size. Players were able to hit heavy head shots that no other weapon could compare to.

The hand cannon was an easy pick for number nine on our list of the greatest Fortnite weapons of all time.

8. Drum Gun

Fortnite took a note from a few 1920's New York mobsters when they added this gun into the mix. The drum gun was immediately a fan favorite as it had a large magazine size and a fire rate unlike any other weapon.

Players could tear through builds and still have an incredibly accurate bullet spread. The weapon has not been seen within the game since Chapter 2: Season 2, when it was a mythic weapon. This is partially due to how overpowered it was.

7. Heavy Sniper Rifle

If you've played Fortnite, you know how vital the heavy sniper rifle was when it was in the game. This weapon not only would hit heavy shots, it was also used in other forms too. Players quickly learned to take other players' walls with the weapon.

This gun became an easy way to exploit into other players' boxes, making it an easy pick for number seven on our list.

6. Rocket Launcher

Don't act like rocket riding wasn't the peak of fun within Fortnite. The rocket launcher has been in the game since the beginning, and has not stopped at being a favorite. With the heavy amount of damage this bad boy brings along with it, it is any easy pick to have in your loadout.

5. Charge Shotgun

First introduced in Chapter 2: Season 3, the charge shotgun caused a lot of commotion within the Fortnite scene. This weapon brought an entire new playstyle to the game that everyone had to adjust to. The fact in itself, is this gun made the game more challenging, and thus made the game more fun.

The charge shotgun was an easy pick for number five in the top 10 greatest Fortnite weapons of all time.

4. Tactical Submachine Gun

The tactical submachine gun is easily one of the best OG Fortnite weapons. This gun has not been in the game for years now as casual loot, but was an absolute monster of a submachine gun. The weapon had a fire rate that was very tough to combat. The magazine size also substantially large too.

This weapon easily takes number four in our list of the top 10 greatest Fortnite weapons of all time.

3. Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Being the first sniper rifle within the game, the Bolt-Action Sniper rifle easily takes our number third spot in the greatest Fortnite weapons of all time. This gun was hitting headshots way back in the early days of Fortnite. Nothing beats that initial feeling of taking out a player with one shot.

2. Assault Rifle (Scar)

The Fortnite Assault Rifle, also known as the Scar, is easily one of everyone's favorite weapons within the realm of Fortnite. This weapon dominated the playing field with its heavy accuracy and strong damage. The Scar has not been in the game since the end of Chapter 2, and players have been begging for its return.

1. Pump Shotgun

Taking the cake as our number one greatest Fortnite weapon of all time is the pump shotgun. This weapon has been utilized by players since the beginning of Fortnite. The pump shotgun initially could hit headshots that would take a player from full health to zero health.

This weapon will live down in Fortnite history as not only one of the most powerful and fun guns to play with, but also the greatest Fortnite weapon of all time.

What would you pick?

After reading our list, the biggest question is... What would you pick as your favorite Fortnite weapon of all time? Would it be the pump shotgun, just like ours? Or would you choose something entirely different that is not even apart of this list.

Either way, Fortnite has been giving us some of the most fun and unique weapons to fight with, and they show no signs of stopping.

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