The world’s top female Fortnite players compete in the ‘Women of the eRena’ $75,000 tournament cover image

The world’s top female Fortnite players compete in the ‘Women of the eRena’ $75,000 tournament

The best of the best female competitors fought for a $75,000 prize pool in the Women of the eRena tournament. Check out the highlights below!

Fortnite is known to be primarily dominated by males. In the competitive scene, a lot of female competitors will not receive deserved recognition. That is why eFuse has been running the Women of the eRena (WOTE) to give female gamers the proper representation.

The best of the best women took the stage today and competed in what ended up being a Fortnite tournament for the ages.

Women competed at the highest level in both Zero Builds and regular Fortnite matches

With $75,000 on the line, the tournament had a unique feature. Instead of playing one mode the entire time, competitors had to prepare to switch mid-tournament. Competitors started out playing three matches under the Zero Builds mode.

After those three games, they then had to switch to the regular build mode, allowing both types of players to shine.

Each team consisted of three players. This was a perfect moment for each girl to show the high set of skills and gameplay they bring along with them.

Here were the top five standings:

With an exciting tournament bringing to light some of Fortnite's top competitors, it should be noted that eFuse seems to be on track to host more. This has not been the first WOTE event, meaning we should expect more.

"We win those!" shared mxddylol on Twitter, exclaiming her excitement for receiving first place in today's tournament. The team finished only one point ahead of second place, keeping viewers on their feet.

Representation within esports is extremely important. As more women-only Fortnite tournaments are hosted, we should expect to see some of the best female players prove how they deserve to have a spot in the gaming world.