The top women compete in the $75k WOTE Fortnite invitational cover image

The top women compete in the $75k WOTE Fortnite invitational

Fortnite held its second $75,000 Women of the eRena event. Here is how it went.

The best of the best women Fortnite players took a chance for a $75,000 prize pool today in efuse's Women of the eRena (WOTE) tournament. The stakes were high, and the competition was heavy, but these women stuck to their wits and played at their highest skill possible. Here's what happened at eFuse's $75k WOTE Fortnite Invitational.

A different tournament format: Adapt or Exit!!

Although eFuse has put on a WOTE Fortnite event before, they decided to switch this one up a bit. Players competed across six games, but there was a bit of a catch.

Only half of those three games were normal Fortnite matches with building. The other three consisted of Zerp Builds, making for quite an interesting tournament. Competitors had to switch up their entire playstyle halfway through the tournament.

The competition was a piece of cake for some of the girls playing. Coming out of a 15-elimination win, Team Reddysh proved that this battlefield was theirs to conquer.

It did not stop there though. As the tournament went on, the games got more stacked. Players had to learn to adjust from not building to building. With $75,000 on the line, everyone had to be on their a-game.

Through every play, every drop, and every fight, we saw some of the top Fortnite gameplay that we've seen yet this season. Many of these women proved that they have a place within the Fortnite competitive scene.

At the end of the tournament, our winners were crowned, as Team Maddynf took home the first place crown.

Team Maddynf
Team Maddynf

Regardless of their placement, every team walked away with a piece of this hefty prize pool. Nobody left empty-handed. Here is a list of the top 10 from the official leaderboard.

WOTE Leaderboard top 10
WOTE Leaderboard top 10

The future of WOTE and Fortnite

This tournament not only provided great entertainment but also gave us a promising future for women-related esports events. With women from all around the world participating, the empowerment and uplifting nature of today's tournament proved ultimately successful.

Hopefully, we see more events such as this happen again in the near future. Women belong in esports, and eFuse is making sure people realize that.