“Everyone will be on the same ping at this event, making the stakes even higher.”

Legends are molded through countless years of hard work and preparation; never over one night. Th0masHD, one of the most decorated players within the Fortnite community, has demonstrated time and time again as to why he is one of the greatest competitors of all time.

But while being the highest-placing Danish Fortnite player in the world in the past LAN events, the competitor has YET to win an FNCS title.

Now, competing on his home turf, Th0masHD has been preparing himself for what will be one of the most significant victories in all of Fortnite history.

From playing for fun to competing in the 2023 FNCS Global Championship: Th0masHD speaks on how it feels to be playing in his home country

Since the World Cup days, Th0masHD has been dedicating his time to proving why he is not only one of the best Fortnite players in the world but also in the world. The competitor has brought forth some of the most exhilarating Fortnite action in the game's competitive history.

The 2023 FNCS Global Championship marks the third in-person event that Epic Games has held for Fortnite, and Th0masHD has competed in all three of them. Not only that, but the player is the highest-placing Danish competitor in official Fortnite LAN history.

"This is the first time having a big tournament in Denmark, my home country," said Th0masHD in an exclusive interview. "It's incredibly special."

"This is the first time having a big tournament in Denmark, my home country. It's incredibly special."


But him playing the third major Fortnite LAN in his own country only adds to the massive amount of pressure.

"We have a team landing on us, which is going to be really hard, but I am definitely excited to play. Being contested offspawn though makes things difficult. We will have that fight every game."

While Th0masHD may not be competing on 0 ping when playing additional tournaments, he now has the chance to play against the greats on an equal ping advantage.

"The ping around here usually fluctuates between 10 and 25," said Th0masHD. "Everyone will be on the same ping at this event, making the stakes even higher."

With high stakes comes heavy competition. Pressure makes diamonds, and Th0masHD has prepared himself to mark his spot in history as one of the greatest Fortnite players of all time.

Th0masHD says what he feels would be the BEST Fortnite meta

Every Fortnite player has their ideal loadout. With a game that changes its arsenal every season, some players look at specific eras as the most iconic due to the weaponry. Th0masHD is no different.

"My ideal loadout would definitely include some type of movement," said Th0masHD. "The seasons with the hammer and the katana were perfect movement-wise. Mobility is so important in Fortnite."

But movement isn't everything. For players to succeed, they have to utilize the right weapons.

"I also will always prefer the pump over any other gun," said Th0masHD. "The OG pump."

Still, the competitor has enjoyed quite a bit of variations of shotguns throughout previous seasons.

"I also really enjoyed the seasons with the havoc pump AND the thunder pump. All of those were great too."

Image via ASTRALIS.
Image via ASTRALIS.

But with the current loadout... Th0masHD is not so thrilled.

"I just feel like the shotguns now are not great, when shotguns are such a vital part of the game. The fact that they can only hit upwards of 170 for a headshot is rough."

With a game constantly rotating out different weapons, while introducing new ones consistently, it begs the question if the seasons in 2024 will continuously have shotguns and other weapons that please the players.

Regardless, Th0masHD knows how to make do with what he's given, making him one of the best competitors in the game.

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