Tfue, Nickmercs, TheGrefg bring excitement back with the $450,000 Twitch Rivals Fortnite series cover image

Tfue, Nickmercs, TheGrefg bring excitement back with the $450,000 Twitch Rivals Fortnite series

Popular Twitch creators took the main stage this past weekend to compete across three different regions for a $450,000 prize pool.

This past weekend was a memorable moment for the gaming community. Creators battled it in the new Fortnite: Zero Build mode across multiple regions for a large prize pool. Didn't get a chance to watch the event? Here is our recap.

Tfue, Cloakzy and Scoped bring back nostalgia and the win

Going into the following day, the Twitch Rivals Fortnite Creator Series continued its show on April 3. Creators from the North American region chose their teams and sought to win a piece of that $100,000 prize pool.

Creators like Tfue, Nickmercs, Ninja, and more were seen dominating the playing field. We saw wins from some of our favorite pro players, such as Bugha and more.

To end the night, Team Tfue took home the final victory royale. Team Tfue being made of Tfue, Cloakzy, and pro-Fortnite player Scoped, created an epic conclusion to the tournament series. Scoped and Tfue have competed in past Fortnite Champion Series, which gave viewers a nostalgic experience seeing them play together once again.

Team Thegrefg commands Europe Twitch Rivals

The event started within the Europe region, as trios jumped off the battle bus ready to put their aim to the ultimate test. The European prize pool was $100,000 USD. Players like Nikof, TheGrefg, Iamcristinini, and more faced off for the massive prize pool.

The weekend's game mode was trios, allowing for creators to find themselves a pro-Fortnite player and another Twitch creator who does not play Fortnite as their main game. This helped create a leveled playing field amongst all of the players.

Players across all of Europe dropped in hot, having to protect themselves with their aim instead of builds. This created an interesting and fun environment for the tournament, setting a precedent for future Fortnite tournaments.

The tournament came to an end when Team Thegrefg officially won it all. Thegrefg is a popular European creator who holds the record for the most people in a stream at once when he was revealing his Fortnite Icon skin.

Thegrefg wasn't alone. Popular pro player Mr. Savage and content creator ItsVicens also stood victorious alongside the popular streamer. Their victory helped set the stage for the Latin America and North America Twitch Rivals tournaments that came after.

Latin America's Twitch Rivals Fortnite Series Recap

After the European region's tournament ended, Twitch Rivals moved its stage to the Latin America region. With another $100,000's on the line, popular creators had to fight it out on the island. The tournament also took play on April 2, following the Europe region's tournament.

The tournament again was made up of all trios, as teams dropped in with nothing but their aim. Every player had to focus solely on what weapons they could find and their rotations instead of building and the usual mechanics we see in Fortnite.

The tournament ended with Team zEkO coming out victorious. Team zEkO consisted of popular creator ZEkO and p0me and pro-Fortnite player Riquelmee.

The fun is not over!

The weekend was filled with memorable moments, but that does not mean it is over. The Twitch Rivals Fortnite Creator Series is continuing through April, as each week will have a new tournament centered around a different creator.

Creators like NickEh30 and Pgod are set to host their own $10,000 Twitch Rivals Fortnite Zero Build tournaments, allowing for multiple other creators to drop in and compete.

This will create a fun and competitive environment for gaming lovers to sit back and continue to watch their favorite streamers face off in the popular battle royale.