SypherPK to receive his own Fortnite ICON skin cover image

SypherPK to receive his own Fortnite ICON skin

SyperPK is finally getting his very own Fortnite skin. Here are all the details you need to know:

One of the true grandfathers of Fortnite, SypherPK, has officially announced he will be receiving his very own ICON skin within Forntite. This announcement comes directly before the end of Chapter 3, Season 3.

SypherPK began his content-creating career in 2011 when he started by posting Runescape videos on YouTube. It was not until the Fortnite era that SyperPK began to blow up because of his gameplay tips videos.

The streamer and content creator is one of the few celebrity streamers that has stuck with the game since the beginning, which is exactly why he is to receive his own skin.

When will SypherPK's ICON skin be revealed?

Currently, the SypherPK Fortnite skin is set to be revealed on September 17, 2022. This is the day before Chapter 3, Season 3 officially ends.

SypherPK's notable success has not only helped keep Fortnite a popular game, but it has also inspired many other small streamers to pursue their dreams.

In 2020, Sypher announced that he was opening a production studio for streamers and content creators titled, Oni Studios. Oni Studios' mission is to help pave the way for small aspiring streamers.

The warehouse is still currently in production with most of the finishing touches being applied currently.

Whether it is streaming, content creation, or even fitness inspiration, SypherPK is easily one of the top figures to help inspire many. His notable aspiration is exactly the reason why he is more than deserving of a Fortnite ICON series skin.

Who would you like to see next receive a skin?

It is only a matter of time before another creator announces their very own Fortnite ICON skin. With so many large creators still playing the game, who would you like to see have their very own cosmetic within Fortnite?