SypherPK revealed his Fortnite Icon Series glider and its official release date today, and it’s one you might want to see.

Ali “SypherPK'' Hassan received the honor of all honors back in September when he joined the Fortnite Icon Series. The nod from Epic Games put him amongst the elite, most significant content creators in Fortnite history. SypherPK's Icon Series set included outfits and various accessories, and soon, he’ll add a glider. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the new glider.

Shugoki emerges from the darkness in new trailer

The Fortnite veteran has officially announced the addition of a glider to his Icon Series set. He posted a trailer on Twitter featuring Fortnite characters Peely and Jonesy. Suddenly, SypherPK’s new dragon glider appears in the flesh. 

Dubbed Shugoki, this dragon glider is one that players surf on top of when dropping into a match. It comes in two styles — Shugoki and Possessed. The new glider fits neatly into SypherPK’s Icon Series aesthetic. It’s also worth noting that he is the first Icon Series member to receive an additional accessory after the set’s initial release date. 

How to unlock the new SypherPK Icon Series glider

SypherPK’s Icon Series set will return to the Fortnite item shop on Saturday, February 4, according to the YouTube video. On that date, you will have the opportunity to purchase the Shugoki glider and the rest of SypherPK's Icon Series items. It’s unclear how much the glider will cost, so be sure to check the item shop on Saturday.

In September, SypherPK joined fellow Icon Series members Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten, Maria “Chica” Lopez, and more as a member. The Fortnite legend has invested thousands of hours into Fortnite content, and it finally paid off. More recently, Sypher has innovated Fortnite storytelling with new animated-style videos. He’ll see the Shugoki glider enter the Fortnite item shop in less than two days. 

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