SypherPK announced a new way to tell his epic Fortnite stories. He’ll do so with animated videos posted, beginning on November 26.

Fortnite creator Ali “SypherPK” Hassan teased a new direction in his content today on Twitter. Beginning November 26, the veteran Fortnite personality will delve into the world of animation in future videos. SypherPK has been creating Fortnite content and streaming the game for many years, and he promises that this Saturday’s video will be his “biggest video ever.”

SypherPK teases new animated Fortnite content 

The content creator posted a Twitter video that gave fans a brief look at his animated character. In the video, SypherPK contemplated which direction to take his Fortnite content. He questioned whether he should make another YouTube channel to tell stories about his life. 

While discussing his options, an animated version of SypherPK appeared on the monitor behind him. The character questioned; what if it was animated? A litany of animated clips featuring SypherPK then flashed on the screen. 

It’s unclear what these stories will entail. We expect to see various legendary moments throughout SypherPK’s career, of which there are many. 

Who is SypherPK? Learn more about the popular YouTuber & streamer

SypherPK Outfit selection
SypherPK’s Icon Series Fortnite skin

SypherPK recently became a part of the Fortnite Icon series set. Additionally, he has several videos with well over one million views and launched his own content creation development studio, Oni Studios. Let’s not forget his clothing brand — Metal Umbrella — which has become another successful endeavor. 

If anyone possesses countless stories to tell in the scene, it’s SypherPK. Some of the clips displayed in the teaser included many iconic moments in Fortnite history and many of the game’s recognizable characters. 

The creator will answer those questions on November 26, when his first animated story drops on the SypherPK YouTube channel.  

Check out our recent interview with SypherPK from the FNCS Invitational 2022 to learn more about the popular Fortnite creator!

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