Silk Sonic is coming back to the Fortnite Item Shop along with a bunch of other popular skins.

Fortnite has always been one to provide players with some of the most unique cosmetics and collaborations within the Battle Royale. With many new skins released every month, players never know what to expect next. Many collaborations, such as Silk Sonic, Avatar, Star Wars and more have made their way into the game's Item Shop.

Missed the chance to purchase some of your favorite skins? Luckily, the game is throwing a bunch more popular cosmetics back into the Item Shop within the upcoming weeks.

Here are some leaks of what we know is to return to Fortnite.

Silk Sonic to return to Fortnite Item Shop

The popular music duo, Silk Sonic, is officially set to have their bundle return to the Fortnite Item Shop. When? There is no answer to that, but due to leaked files, it seems that the popular music group will be returning to the Item Shop shortly.

The Silk Sonic bundle has not been in the Item Shop for almost 600 days, making many fans anxiously waiting for its return. The skins resemble the two musicians that are a part of the group, Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars.

So how much will the bundle be when it returns?

  • 2,700 V-Bucks

Here is everything included in the Silk Sonic Fortnite bundle:

  • Bruno Mars (Skin)
  • Anderson .Paak (Skin)
  • Sound Scepter (Back Bling)
  • Sonic Snare (Back Bling)
  • Boom Bap (Pickaxe)
  • Freedom Wheels (Emote)
  • Somebody This Fly (Lobby Track)

Earth Day, Avatar and more to join the Item Shop

Silk Sonic isn't the only bundle leaked to join the Fortnite Item Shop. Many other collaborations and skins will be purchasable within the coming weeks.

Popular Avatar skins are set to join the Item Shop today, with Aang, Zuko and more joining the game.

Even Earth Day will be getting a collaboration, something we have seen within the Item Shop in the past. It is assumed that this collaboration will hit the Item Shop on April 22, 2024, which is when Earth Day occurs.

Many other collaborations are rumored to return, including Janky, Twitchcon Champions and more.

Stay tuned to for more Fortnite and esports news.

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