Saf, one of the Fortnite greats, retires from the game cover image

Saf, one of the Fortnite greats, retires from the game

One of the greatest Fortnite players of all time, Saf, decided to retire from the game. He shared what he plans to do next in his post.

In a surprising move, Saf retired from Fortnite on Wednesday evening. The legacy he leaves behind is unquestionably one of the greatest the game ever saw. Now, he sets his sights on content creation and a new game to compete in. Saf stated that he looks to compete in Valorant and hinted at some more news on the way.

Fortnite loses professional player - Saf

Rocco "Saf" Morales first emerged onto the competitive Fortnite scene back in 2018. His first tournament win came during the Summer Skirmish, where he and Zayt started their impressive journey. Saf continued to succeed with several more victories coming shortly after, Secret Skirmish, Katowice 2019, and the Scallywag Cup. The clutch to win Secret Skirmish still remains as one of the best clips in Fortnite history.

The early days cemented Saf as a great player, but for almost three more years, he continued to dominate. He narrowly missed a victory at World Cup 2019. Then proceeded to place within the top 10 in the FNCS tournaments to follow. His retirement comes while he was still a top-tier player in the region. Saf did not retire because he started to decline in skill. As he stated on Twitter, "I’m thankful for everything the game has done for me but I just can’t force myself to play any longer."

Ultimately, Saf no longer had the drive to compete. Enjoyment is often overlooked as a key piece to success. After a few months of forcing himself to play the game, he finally decided to hang it up. Additionally, Saf had a couple of terrible experiences with Fortnite organizations, including TrainHard and Nova. TrainHard went under as a company that failed to pay its players and the Nova situation still remains a mystery. The combination of circumstances caused Saf to retire.

What's next for Saf?

This is not the end for Saf. He declared he will continue to game and even stream more. Now he pivots to another game and brand building, "so now I am going to be streaming Valorant actively and posting on all socials like crazy."

Based on what we saw from Saf in Fortnite, it is very likely he succeeds in Valorant. Whether it is competitively or content-driven, he has incredible ability and was one of the most liked Fortnite pros. The mix of personality and skill is rare. Saf will be missed and maybe he returns to Fortnite one day, but until then the Fortnite scene wishes him the best!

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