Rocket League’s Octane Spawner is joining Fortnite: A guide to using the vehicle cover image

Rocket League’s Octane Spawner is joining Fortnite: A guide to using the vehicle

The Octane Spawner is now in Fortnite. Here is how to obtain and use the vehicle.

Rocket boosting is not exclusive to Rocket League anymore! Starting tomorrow, October 4th, players can jump in the driving seat of a Rocket League car in Fortnite. This inclusion is explicitly added to creative modes, allowing players to operate an Octane Spawner.

Here is everything you need to know about the collaboration:

Fortnite's first vehicle collaboration is here: Fortnite x Rocket League

Fortnite has always given us some of the most creative collaborations when it comes to cosmetics and weapons, but this time they're adding in new vehicles.

The Octane Spawner is a Rocket League vehicle that allows players to defy gravity and zoom through their creative maps at high speed. Even signature Rocket League mechanics such as wall-driving will be added as well.

The Octane Spawner will become available after tomorrow's (October 4th) update.

How to use the Octane Spawner in Fortnite

As of now, the Octane Spawner will only be available in creative modes. This does not mean we will not see it in Battle Royale modes in the future.

Players looking to use this item will either have to join maps that already have it or add it to their very own maps. To do this is quite simple.

All you need to do is go to your creative inventory and find the vehicle. Once selected press PLACE NOW to add it to your map.

Time to boost!

Once the vehicle is placed in your map, it is time to get driving. Create your own creative maps that coordinate with Rocket League stadiums, or check google to see if others have created their very own.

Players will be able to control their cars just as you can in Rocket League. This includes boosting, air rolls, and more.

Whether or not this addition means more Fortnite and Rocket League collaborations for the future is yet to be known but seems all the more likely.

For more information refer to the official site here.