Here’s what has changed in Fortnite’s latest Chapter 5 Season 3 update!

A new Fortnite update arrived unexpectedly today, addressing issues many players and content creators have raised with Chapter 5 Season 3. The negative response to overpowered vehicles in the newest season has prompted a response from Epic Games. As a result, in addition to unvaulting Boogie Bombs, this new update has significantly reduced car and Nitro damage. Here is everything you need to know!

Fortnite patch notes for the May 30 update

Epic Games posted patch notes regarding this surprising hotfix today. Although Chapter 5 Season 3 centers heavily around vehicles and the new Nitro mechanic, both are less effective.

Here is a breakdown of all the latest changes in the new Fortnite update:

  • Added Boogie Bombs
  • Reduced Machine Gun Turrets accuracy and Grenade Launcher Turrets damage to structures.
  • Reduced vehicle health in Solos.
  • Boss cars do not automatically regen health anymore.
  • Boosted damage dealt to vehicles from Boom Bolts.
  • Increased Nitro Gauntlets recharge time.
  • Reduced Nitro shoulder bash damage to players.

Overall, this update should please critics of the new Fortnite season. Many had raised concerns over vehicle power and the Nitro ability, with many clips going viral. Previously, players could annihilate their opponents with difficult-to-damage cars and run directly through walls using the Nitro mechanic. That should no longer be the case following this hotfix.

Players react to the May 30 hotfix

Fortnite creator Ali "SypherPK" Hassan was one of thousands who flooded social media with a positive response. "I knew you would deliver," wrote Hassan after reading about the new Fortnite update. Although some were critical about the readdition of Boogie Bombs, most players were pleasantly surprised at the changes.

Ultimately, we'll have to see how the update plays out, but it's clear that Epic Games is listening to feedback on Chapter 5 Season 3.

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