Have you had a chance to explore the new “Campus Corner” Creative hub in Fortnite?

Popular Creative Map team, 404 Creative, has released their brand new Creative Hub in Fortnite, titled the Campus Corner.

The Campus Corner is unique in various ways. Here is everything you need to know about the new Fortnite Creative hub.

The Campus Corner is available for players to explore in Fortnite

Campus Corner is an exciting new Creative hub in Fortnite, where players can find seven new maps to compete against each other in.

Designed and developed by 404 Creative, The hub features seven different game modes that players and students can compete against each other in.

Want to hop in Campus Corner? Explore their map with the code below.

Campus Corner map code:

  • 3706-9239-8346

The maps are also being featured in CCA's new Creative Series, where students can compete within the seven game modes for a piece at a $50,000 prize pool. CCA is the first collegiate program to make use of the new Creative hub.

Campus Corner in Fortnite Creative (Image via 404 Creative)
Campus Corner in Fortnite Creative (Image via 404 Creative)

CCA's recent endeavors into the world of Fortnite Creative have ignited an exciting fire within the collegiate Fortnite community. Their $50,000 Creative Series has been an absolute hit, giving collegiate players a chance to compete within the Campus Corner.

The best part about Campus Corner is that it is not just for collegiate players, but for everyone to explore. Each map located within the hub offers a unique experience, allowing players to compete in multiple different styles of games.

Explore the 7 new competitive maps in Campus Corner

Here is a list of all seven maps in the Campus Corner.

Campus Corner maps:

  • Rivalry Hardpoint (3478-2136-5302)
  • Rivalry Knockout (7660-4008-4944)
  • Rivalry Control (1860-6840-0958)
  • Rivalry Gun Game (4370-5022-5498)
  • Octane Orbit (0446-4223-9713)
  • Lockdown: Final Stand (5177-8301-0908)
  • Rivalry Zone Wars (8189-7256-4348)
Campus Corner in Fortnite (Image via 404 Creative)
Campus Corner in Fortnite (Image via 404 Creative)

The new hub marks a huge milestone for collegiate gamers. Not only will players around the world be able to connect with each other through the Campus Corner, but it will also allow different students to find new people to compete against or alongside.

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