LEGO hints at Fortnite collaboration cover image

LEGO hints at Fortnite collaboration

LEGO has officially hinted at a future collaboration with Fortnite

Just when you thought Fortnite didn't have any more companies to collaborate with, LEGO goes and hints at what could be the most legendary collaboration within gaming altogether. The popular building blocks posted on Twitter today, hinting at their future collaboration with Fortnite.

Fortnite x LEGOs: The Game's Newest Collaboration

Both Fortnite and LEGO are known for collaborating with multiple different large franchises. Pokemon, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more are some of the titles that have been seen within the LEGO universe. Fortnite too, has worked with Star Wars, Marvel and many more.

So now, the two major franchises, known for their various separate collaborations, are finally merging together.

What makes this collaboration better, is Fortnite is known for its building mechanics and LEGO is known simply for... well, building. This makes the two companies the perfect collaboration.

Hypex, the popular Fortnite leaker, even hinted at the leak just a few days ago.

While the leaker's expertise suggests we will have actual LEGO characters to play as and various different items within the game, the official LEGO tweet hints at a physical collaboration too.

Will LEGO Release Fortnite Products?

It can only be surmised that LEGO will release a variation of Fortnite products. How big the products will be, though, is unknown. LEGO is notorious for creating massive replicas of people's favorite fictional franchises, including different Star Wars ships and more. To suggest that they will make something big for Fortnite is not unexpected.

As of now, the leaked date for the Fortnite x LEGO collaboration is December 7. Fortnite has yet to make a statement on this partnership though, so fans will have to be patient before getting more information.

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